This new font hurts my eye

on laptop 900p resolution can no longer see text proprely

so hard to see now wtf


Got pictures? It might help illustrate your point.

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yea I saw your bug report. also I dont think the performance issue was addressed either, still much lower fps when more units on map compared to previous ver


Some people are saying that there are performance issues with the new patch until you toggle on smooth serif font?

im not sure man but honestly we can’t be expected to test all scenario. theres gotta be like thousands of combination of settings.

question should be why would they need to touch these things when they were working previously? unless they had to unhardcode things to fix crashes or bugs thus creating these problem, there should be otherwise no excuse.

I’m pretty sure the font on the old patch was in a way touched from way before when they changed some things with the fonts. IDK if the current one is the ‘normal’ one now, but I got so accustomed to the font from previous patches that the new ones are kind of hurting my eyes. 11

yea i remember it was touched once b4 awhile back. took me awhile to get use ot it back then but it wasn’t like now thats hard to see.

I wonder if they even test for resolutions below 1080p anymore.
Those are not particularly common anymore according to the Steam Hardware Survey.
The Steam Deck as a resolution of 1280x800 though so there should be a decent market for smaller devices but the Steam Deck support for AoE3DE is not that good anyway.

An unusual subpixel arrangement could also lead to hard to read text but that’s unlikely to be the case on your device. I assume it’s not OLED.

Opps I though we were talking about AoE3.

AoE2 is not supported on Steam Deck atm so that part makes little sense.

when someone posted the font/performance issue, one of the dev mentioned something about they did this with the reason for 4k display players. meaning low resolution user like me and others are getting hit.

imho the 4k players can simply lower their resolutions, where as laptop users can’t exactly up the resolution as it’ll just look worse and even smaller.

Low resolution players could also user super sampling so that’s not really an argument.
Why would you buy a 4k monitor to play games in 1080p?
It’s not like 4K is super new bleeding edge technology anymore, we’re in 2023 not 2013.
Would you want to have lower your resolution to 720p or even 480p to get better fonts?

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t support lower resolutions, I was just wondering if they don’t test them anymore.

The other thing that annoys me that the Hardware Requirements very rarely list resolutions.
There are probably a bunch of games that don’t support 720p anymore.
Other games don’t support things like Ultrawide.
Stores do little to tell you if your hardware is really supported.

can you show me where this setting is and I can give that a try