This one crazy trick gets you 39 free elo

Just gotta select Mongols.

Credit: Spirit of the Law YouTube AoE4 civs from worst to best (according to the stats!) - YouTube


This is Anti-Mongol propaganda.


I wonder where my ELO would be if I played only Mongols and did a multiple oovo exploit 24/7 as some well-known ,players, do instead of playing Abbasids xD

Remember when the devs said “we don’t want to nerf Mongols, we would rather want to buff other civs”?

Well, I’m still waiting on buffs to all the garbage Chinese Landmarks. All you gotta do is make them as good as Steppe Redoubt!


Chinese landmarks unlock new unique units that are OP, for example, FL…
No other civs get such a treat…
How could you underestimate Chinese landmarks?
Clocktower? 50% siege hp???

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Fake news. I looked up Mongols tower rush strat and tried it twice and lost both times. :cry: Then I looked up Rus fast castle strat, lost more. It wasn’t until I discovered the secret of playing only Delhi that I began winning every game with ease.

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How did you get these stats? Thanks :smiley:

AoE IV leaderboard app. for android mate :slight_smile:


this is for 1v1 and Abbasids are worst civ in all elos

what make things worse if you pick abbasid in team match your team will most likely dodge since your civ do nothing and your 2 landmarks get sniped

all these patches and 0 buffs to abbasids make no sense i think politics involved


Oh nice! Also on iOS–this is great :smile:

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Ah so if I had played mongols all along I would be rank 1 by now. Damn should’ve not chosen so poorly

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I lose 150 ELO in one day with Mongol.
It’s it normal :sweat_smile:?

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probably not…Mongols can not do FL, FL is OP in TGs.
Or you should chose 1vs1 RM.

Mongols need a small nerf. Yes. But it’s more like the bottom civs need a buff.

Yes yes here it comes again. FL this and FL that. Why not try improve your gameplay and learn to defend against them =)