This Silence is Scary

Somebody, please post something on this forum.


Yes, I agree. But I feel like I don’t know what else to write either. There’s been so much talk, so many good suggestions to modernize the game again - but nothing happens. At some point, everything has been said, everything has been told, all fronts have been clarified.
That would be as if we always had to talk about the same soccer match and that for 3 years. What else should we write?
If there would finally be new content or decisive adjustments for this great and highly potential game, this forum would be a hive of activity again. But so… :man_shrugging:t2:


Just to say something and break the silence.
Did you notice that 11 of the 16 civs have the Ballista Tower? Which is ridiculous and loses exclusivity.
Yamato, Minoans, and Roman have Sentry Tower.
Shang and Persian have Guard Tower.
The rest of the civs have Ballista Tower. In my opinion there should be at least two more with Guard Tower.


AOE1:DE is dead and it’s seen via the (lack of) support.

People not wanting DLCs for the DEs don’t realize that the moment they stop, the patches will too.


Honestly the devs are fully faulty in this. The game has a lot of potential but Microsoft just wants quick cash from learnt sources like milking the heck out of AoE2 with a new expansion every few months instead of trying to bring life to this game. Even a single small dev team of 1-2 developers could work wonders for this game but I guess Microsoft is busy releasing it’s overpriced AoE2 reskin (aoe4) instead of working on this beautiful game or exploring new eras such as AoE3 timeline but focused on continental Europe such as thirty years wars or napoleonic wars.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind AoE2 expansions but giving so much support to that and AoE3 while completely ignoring everything being said here and for AoM is just annoying.


I don’t think AOE 4 is AOE 2 reskin. I think what they are doing with the AOE4 looks promising. Each civ is developed and different, as in AOE 3 but medieval.

What I do agree with you is that there is no need for more expansions for AOE 2. It already has about 40 civs! While the AOE1 has 16 civs and very few units for a variety of tech trees.
It would be great if AOE1 could say goodbye with one last DLC and leave the game fairly complete.


But I think that’s okay. Towers have already experienced a big nerv with the raising of the population limit and there are generally few defense options. In Age 2, all civs have castles. So what.

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