This storm of Return of Rome was kind of expected in handsight

The community:

  • We should have more non-European civilizations!!!
  • No we should have more European civilizations!!!

The devs:

  • We should add the Romans in Age of Empires 2’s timeline. They are both European and non-European.
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Playerxxxxxx I want a romanian civilization in game.

Devs Nonsense you will play Romans and that will be the end of it.


How many more threads do you want to make about Rome?

Why do you hate it so much that a civilisation is added to the game that isn’t even available in ranked matches.

It’s essentially like a mod civilisation.

You can easily ignore their existence. No one forces you to ever encounter them.


People like arguing for no apparent or valid reason, no matter what.


You are right and that is why this is the 68th discussion on the subject so far…