This time the game has been updated with a built-in voice chat system, and we would like to thank the development team for listening to our suggestions

Earlier I mentioned the in-game voice, this time finally got an update, and there is a little suggestion, I hope the development team can consider: in the game match, change the microphone icon button to triggerable, that is, I can block a player’s speech, or I can turn off my own speech by clicking the microphone icon (turning my own speech on and off may be able to add a shortcut key, not just press and hold to speak) Because the voice function is currently an experience state, I am not very good at verifying the current complete voice function, tried team combat, but teammates seem to have not turned on the voice chat function in the game, temporarily unable to verify the stability of the voice chat function, about the voice chat function, temporarily thought of these, I hope you can come up with better ideas