Thoughts on God Power Counts

Hi guys,

In the hopes of AoM DE (I’d personally prefer a DE over a whole new game), one thing I haven’t seen talked about as much is the number of times an individual GP can be used. Since day one of the Titans Expansion way back in the day, it has baffled me that the Atlanteans can use Vortex three times, but every other civ’s GPs can only be used once. Or that the only civ that can use GPs multiple times is the Atlanteans. Why can’t Norse Healing Spring be used a couple times, or a dozen other GPs have multiple shots?

Thoughts? Should this be included in a DE if we ever get one? Hopefully we do!

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It would very cool to have the ability to use GP more than once such as the Lighting strike of the Zeus Civ. It would add a competitive edge to players and value to each civ i.e to determine which God/Civ to choose from based on GP abilities not based solely on Unit type and economy. It would create a varity of civs being choosen instead of the usual Civs.

You can use god powers multiple times in this mod:

However it’s a huge gameplay change, do not expect it until AOM2.