Thoughts on the Japan Rework

I think the change to the Ashigaru musketeer shock infantry multiplier is good however, there should be a change to the card “close combat” to compensate. Close combat still gives them a +1 multiplier against shock infantry giving them a 3.6 multi against shock infantry which may be a little high. It could be good if the card gets nerfed to a +0.5 shock infantry multiplier to compensate for the buff.

I like the Nanban trade card but I don’t think it is worth an age 3 shipment. With the cost it should be worth 1700 resources (cost of card + value of age 3 shipment) but 500 export can only get you maybe 700-800 resources worth of units. It may be nice if it got buffed to 800 export. 800 export armies are worth around 1400 resources which seems like a reasonable amount of consulate army to get from a card worth 1700 resources.

I think the Azekura card has nice art but I do not think it is worth more than 600 wood when making shrines. The 20% hp has to save at least 5 shrines for it to be better than 600 wood (since you can make 5 with 600w without kami) It may be good to add shrine wagons to it like dominions. Maybe 3 shrines wagons worth 375w with the 20% hp.

Interesting note about the revolt card is that the monastery outlaw tech gives the wandering samurai treasure guardians you get for villagers +30% stats so if you revolt it may be good to get that tech.

Also thank you devs for making dojos rebuildable. I rather like the building.

Anyways I’m curious to hear all your thoughts on the new cards.


Agree with the ashigaru multiplier it’s a bit too high with the card though they do lack a traditional dragoon I suppose.

The export card is terrible for it’s huge cost.

Azekura card isn’t bad, like building hp card it can delay the enemy every second they waste sieging a shrine is buying you time.

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I just cant believe that they took away -%5 gather of the Japanese Shrines. They wanna kill every old civ wtf. This changes of making civs worse are so sad.
Japan eco its one of the worse i think, even in treaty.

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The Japanese need a tea export card。Nanban trade card is too weak

The shrine eco nerf was a must because it made the average supremacy Japan a constant cat and mouse game of sieging shrine while the Japan turtles into Ashi Flaming arrow combo.

Ship Kami
Go Portuguese consulate
Spam shrines
Get age 3
Ship flaming arrows while spamming Ashi

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Maybe imperial eco upgrades could boost shrines for treaty purpouses

Developers give the ashigaru musketeers immortality and 30 ranges for yumi please, they are too weak units.

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While you’re at it give shrines a ranged attack, let vills hide in them and buff the HP to that of a castle.

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