Thoughts on the tower nerf and feature proposal

This isn’t a particularly serious suggestion but more just to hear what people think…
I’ve always felt that the DE tower nerf didn’t quite do as much as the devs might have thought. The reason is that, even now, the best defense to towers is usually still… towers. So by dropping tower HP the ‘tower’ is nerfed but the ‘tower rush’ isn’t nerfed that much per say, because the defender also suffers the nerf. It is a bit more difficult to tower rush because villigers can rush down your tower. However this isn’t that difficult to avoid with sneaky towers / daisy-chainging towers / walls round the base / lots of vills and/or millitia support.

I have an idea for a new feature which I think would make the HP nerf a bit more effective, making tower rushes a slightly more difficult, but not really affecting individual towering as much. It would also just be a super awesome quality of life feature especially for new players:

“Go back to work” button on villigers, which sends them to continue whatever the last resource gathering or building task they were last busy with. Exactly the same as the one on the Town Center. The only difference is that villigers don’t have to be “in” the TC to be sent back to work.

So for example, you scout a tower coming up next to your base. You grab 10 villigers and charge at it. 5 of those villis were luber jacks, 2 were gold miners and 3 were stone miners. You attack the tower and take it out, then you box a bit with the opponent’s villis and then he runs. Now you select the villis and hit “back to work” and they go back to the food gold and stone.

I do not think that this makes raiding more difficult in general, since with a drush you will probably only select lumber jacks to counter so it’s easy to send back to work already, with scouts you probably going to end up in your TC so the button’s already there etc. This really just helps with when you need to grab a whole bunch of villis to deal with a tower rush.

I’m skeptical myself of reducing the micro-management requirements of the game, but there’s some tasks that really aren’t fun. Getting your villis back to work is one of them. Why not make a quality of life improvement for it?


I would love that “go back to work”-button which works everywhere. It is simply annoying and a useless waste of time to send back vills to their previous task.
That change would make it so smooth to take some vills and to build something and then send them back.
If we could even queue the “go back to work” that would be even more awesome - like build that house/tower then go back to work

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Shift click doesnt work?

Shift click works with easy tasks when there is no disruption. But sometimes you have to move vills around, take vills from more than one ressource or lots of different farms, have to dodge a shot or build another thing which was not planned in advance.
For such situations which happen quite often it would be nice to be able to select all these idle vills and tell them to go back to where they last worked - they would go back to exactly the farm or tree or whatever they were working on before you sent them to build/move around.

I’m not sure how much work it would be for the devs to implement such a thing but since the vills already remember what ressource they were working on before (small symbol on villager) it might be an easy task.

Im sorry this is 100% two different issues and should be 2 different threads?

Back to work would be great but i think the old farts are against any changes to anything that involves micro… But who knows maybe devs will auto scout it

Towers aren’t ONLY countered by other towers. So no, hp nerf wasn’t a nerf to defender in remotely the same way as the trush was nerfed. Not by a long shot.

No idea. But to be effective it would mean the vils need to remember WHERE they were harvesting said resources… Otherwise lumber Jack’s would go to rhe closest tree after clickn the button… And miners could go to a waste of time area…

I think it’s more coding than you’re thinking.

ESPECIALLY if we consider how incredibly flawed the current targeting system is

Implementation’s a non issue. There’s no real complexity here. AI already knows how to do this. You can piggy back on that same way that auto scout does. Pretty sure it’s trivial to do. I’m a software developer.

ROFL ok do you even play AOE? have you seen how “trivial” the useless targetting is? how morons will chops trees on the way to the destination a players clicks on instead of actually walking there?

Tower rushes don’t seem too overwhelming anymore. I would not nerf them more personally

Castle drops are now more prevalent than tower rushes. Im all for nerfing aggressive castles built right inside the opponents eco. Its really hard to stop, and often it is an automatic gg.

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I have no idea why towers are OP at this moment. I even thing they are nerfed a bit too much. I dont really see much tower rushes in the recent month. At Voobly TR was pretty common and i understand the nerf in DE.

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