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New factions I’d like to see would be Myans/ Aztecs or South American civilizations!!. For European we need either the Hungarians or the Romanian’s!!. For Middle East maybe the Iranan’s or Saudi’s or what they were called back then or give us the kingdom of Jerusalem!!. And maybe a west African Civilization!!.

what makes Hungary or Romania particularly interesting in the middleages? Romania last i checked wasn’t even a united state.

Matthias Corvinus and Dracula…

Mathias was a Hungarian but he ruled over Hungray and Parts of todays romania…but i could see a Expansion with Hungary,Bohemia and Wallachia(Romania) beign put in the game,but its hard to think what they could bring new…most of them will be HRE clones .

In my opinion not having the Byzantines already in the game makes no sense at all, and I hope that they are coming with this expansion pack.

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Or add in King Willem of Oranje and the Dutch!!

Yes, in fact Hungary and Bohemia appear in the Mongol campaign and are obviously HRE based civs…

Very late in the timeline…