Thracian/Getae/Dacian mythology

The pantheon would mainly be composed of three primary gods:
Great Goddess Bendis and the Hero God Zis, and Zalmoxis

  1. Bendis - A Thracian goddess of the moon, hunt, and wilderness, often compared to the Greek goddess Artemis.
  2. Zis, also known as Zisudra or Ziuds.
  3. Zalmoxis (or Salmoxis, Zamolxis) - A Thracian god of the afterlife, associated with immortality and wisdom. Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote about Zalmoxis and his role in Thracian religion.
  4. Sabazios (or Sabazius) - A Thracian sky and horseman god, often associated with the Greek god Dionysus and later with the Roman god Jupiter.
  5. Derzelas (or Darzalas) - A Thracian god of health, abundance, and the hunt, sometimes depicted as a horseman or a hunter.
  6. Kotys (or Cotys) - A Thracian goddess of fertility, ########### and motherhood, often linked to the Greek goddess Cybele and the Roman goddess Magna Mater.

This post is just for taste, surely this could be 10 pages worth of information, but scarce on some gods. But maybe the Age of Mythology team could host a story hunt to find Thracian historians no one knows about, and teach us all about this, like I learned about so many awesome mythologies when I was little!

Also, put AoM on sale please, i’m poor and didn’t manage to get it yet…

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Please name 10+ unique mythical monsters unique to the Thracian mythology and maybe they will consider it.

I mean, name 10+ myth units in the Egyptian roster that are neither borrowed from another Middle Eastern civ or mostly made up as units.


1.) Abtu
2.) Akhekh
3.) Ammit
4.) Ba-bird
5.) Hieracosphinx
6.) Iaret
7.) Medjed
8.) Serpopard
9.) Sha
10.) “One Whose Voice Rumbles”
11.) “The Sunderer”
12.) “The One Who Burns”

I was talking about the units already in game.

Aside from Werewolves, Vampires and ghouls, many of the mythological monsters resemble the Greek ones…

They are not Thracian at all though.
Werewolves are pretty generic and even the moon connected was already mentioned by ancient Romans but not in relation to Thracia.
Vampires are Romanian. Similar geographical area but very different culture.
Ghouls are from Persia.

Medieval Balkan mythology is not Thracian just because they happened to live there 1000 years earlier.

Here is the thing. A lot of fans here don’t think it is okay UNLESS you think it is fine that other civs blatantly steals other units from other mythologies. It is one of the cons of the game that many people hope to see that they change.

Made up units are okay up to a certain point. If your mythology is made up of entirely of these so called “made up units” then you can bet they will be called out on for being extremely lazy and disingenuous.

I gave the opening poster and you 12 different units the developers can use along with the existing ones.
Yes, the hieracosphinx is already in the game but the description from the lore is physically different. Some of these units I suggested can even be a replacement for some of the units that were stolen.

The ones I listed aren’t many but if I do decide to make a thread regarding additional units then I will name 14 new ones. The Egyptian pantheon, believe it or not, has a lot of entities and monsters that the developers can use.

I think some folks tend to do is just suggest a mythology pantheon along with its gods/goddesses. That’s the easy part. The hard part is the monsters that the game can use, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see more mythologies be represented in the game. But if that pantheon is limited in its uniqueness then what is the point? Assuming if the Thracian gods were all different then you are prompted to select one of them when the picture screen pops up. That’s it. The rest of the time you can spend by moving, building, and attacking. If the Thracian bestiary is different then at least you have the rest of the time to control them.

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I hope you’re aware that Count Dracula wasn’t invented by a Romanian.

You know that Vampires are a lot older then the story or Dracula?
Vampires or Vampire like mythological creatures appear in many stories from the Balkans but mostly from the early Modern period.

But I think more important then finding Mythological creatures is finding gods.
Romania always only had one god.

A Christian civilisation might work in AoM but then it would be more generic European and not Balkan. It could have vampires though.
Instead of Gods you would pick Saints on age up.
But I think that would trigger a lot of Catholic and Orthodox people considering worshipping saints was one of the biggest criticisms that led to the Reformation.

Yes, vampires are older than Bram Stocker’s Dracula, but they are not necessarily Romanian either. You can find a lot of reference to those creatures in Hungarian or Serbian folkstales, for instance, posdibly even more so than in the Romanian ones. Not mentioning countless creatures tengentially related to it. The word vampire itself seems to come from the Slavic language, so as a myth unit it may appear in a Slavic civ I guess.

The issue with Slavic Mythology is the same as with Norse, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Baltic, Persian and even Indian. It’s all the same origin.
Greek has some heavy influences from other mythologies in it but Slavic or Baltic are lot closer to the common ancestor Mythology.
Thracian too btw.
So there is naturally a lot of overlap between Indo European Myths.
That’s why I think something like the Aztecs has the highest likelihood to be added to AoMR as a new civilisation if they add one.
AoE2DE and AoE3DE both had new civilisations so it’s not that unlikely.

Imo, the main priority would be either Mesopotamians or Indians to connect the Chines with the other civs and because they both have huge potential, but Mesoamerican civs should definitely come at some point. As for the Indo-European civs being similar, it’s largely exaggerated, some Indo-European cultures were so diverse one may give birth to several AoM civs.

I’m saying you’re forcing a connection with Romanians.

Why do people keep suggesting monotheistic religions when there are multiple polytheistic ones still unexplored (both by AoM and in general)?

For something nobody else ever suggests, there’s Tupis. They even have a thunder god (Tupã).

Not forcing it.
But the many people associate it with Romania so it would make sense to be their Mythological unit even if it’s shared by multiple cultures.

Suggesting things is fun. Thinking about possibility is nice.
Doesn’t mean I’d prefer that.

Native Americans (other then just Mesoamericans) could all make nice civilisations.
Since the game doesn’t have to be as realistic as AoE has you can give them all kinds of crazy things to make up for the historical leak in large ships and siege weapons.

Native Americans would be awesome. If there are any Native American historians / buffs here who can suggest which tribe would be the most appropriate for AoM and be able to list out their gods and monsters would be fantastic. Any takers?

Just no gun wielding Native Americans please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guns will and should never be a thing in AoM. Closest thing will we have is the Fire Siphon or a Blowgunner (AoE3 Carib Blowgunner) perhaps or something that the Chinese may get.

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Yes, we don’t want fire lance, nest of bees or any other anachronistic amenity.

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Im Christian, as I was forcefully thrown in a cauldron when I was a baby and thus the old priests declared my christianity…
Its boring and wack, christianity gets a big fat no from me.

well… I guess we’ll just have to wait until we are lucky more ancient history, and mythical beasts get unveiled about Thracians.

Hopefully. Have you tried asking Reddit? My guess is that its platform probably has more historians than here. If you do and receive good news and information then please post it here.