Tier List 1vs1 Supremacy

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Personally I think Sweden and China are S+ tier, then Italy in S tier followed by USA, Japan, then India. Aztec in A tier, they have really scary rush and card spam with the warrior priests. I don’t think Haud is very good, I struggle to win with them I would put them near the bottom, then again I don’t make Aennas because they look ugly so maybe those need nerfing. I think Ports are the worst civ at the moment, but they’re still not ‘that bad’.

I don’t know why people think Russia is that bad, I recently played a guy who showed up with an ungodly number of veteran musks fairly early in fortress and I had no idea how to ever beat that, he must have sent the card that changes stretlets into musks. Most Russian players just do the same rush thing which can be beat since you always know its coming, I think if Russian players got more creative Russia would be good.

Inca isn’t that bad either, you just have to know to stay away from ever using Huaraca or Bola Warriors or Carib blowgunners from the American Embassy card, except for maybe the age IV card which sends 22 Huaraca and patches their weakness to artillery (why this isn’t the default I have no idea). I hope they can make Huaraca more viable without making them OP, they could be a counter to artillery, buildings and skirms, that shouldn’t be a balance issue, espeically with abus guns running around beating everything. They should be at least as good as grenadiers, the unit they are supposedly modeled upon.

I agree but aztec should be higher. The rush is very strong if done correctly