Time for a Recconect Feature? [Poll]

Hey guys, seems unfair that almost every game has reconnecting features but not this one. We have to LOSE THE ENTIRE GAME when connection issues happen.

It’s just frustrating that you lose that game it took 30min or more to play, especially if is a treaty.
Would you like to have a reconnect feature?

  • Yes
  • No

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Whoever votes for him is not a big joker. XD

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Uh? What in the world do you mean?

Well, who would vote for ‘no’?

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Just making the poll so Devs note it.

Can you name two other RTS games with this feature?

Starcraft 2 has reconnect features for custom games. Also Age 3 Nilla had reconnect features as you could decide if wait for a player 1 min or kick him. 1 minute of the paused game to reconnect was enough for those whose router gets restarted or any other small disconnect issue.

But in DE you disconnect for like 10 seconds and you’re auto kicked.


We need that sweet-sweet reconnect button for AoE

Didn’t they add a way to load a save if players drop out in a casual game?