Time has come: the 25th anniversary is coming


Here we are.

My predictions beside the new civilizations for Aoe4 (ottomans and malyans):

  1. AOMde

  2. remake or something new for Aoe1 because the First definitive edition Is the worst;

  3. new DLC for AOE3de

  4. Aoe4 for console


What I’d love to see:

  • Release date for AoMDE and an AoM2 announcement
  • Future content & future support for AoE1DE
  • New road map for AoEIV

What I think we will see:

  • AoMDE with a release date
  • New content for AoE2DE, AoE3DE and AoEIV (Roadmap etc.)

Wishlist :

AOE DE : New Expansion pack (more civs and more campaings)
AOE II DE : New civs
AOE III DE : A new event to unlock a new civ (or maybe 2)
AOE IV : besides the Ottomans and the Mailes … the Byzantines join the party (Will be awesome)

and the most important … the AOM makes his greatest return to with a Definitive Edition …

We make a long journey …

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i can see the 4th one. just like the discount sale to pump up the playerbase.

Don’t get your hopes up. Devs are known to not share much info. Took 5 months for them to share the last aoe2 roadmap. And that was when they were doing it “soon” 5 months later we received some vague info.


Why is Age of Empires 4 not on sale?
My friends want to play with me!

Buy it at full price? Should the world revolve around your time schedule?

They could’ve bought it when it was on sale. Or wait until it’s on sale again

You sound like ur butthurt for buying it at full price before it went on sale the next week.

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