The chinese dynasty is a mess.

Era of dynasties portrayed in aoe4:

Tang (starting): 618-907
Song : 960-1279
Yuan : 1279-1368
Ming : 1368-1644

The order of the dynasty should be fixed, as in history. Players should not advance to previous dynasty, aka travel back in time.

The current dynasty should be determined by HOW MANY extra landmarks built, not WHICH ONE IS BUILT MOST RECENTLY.

1 extra landmark = Song
2 = Yuan
3 = Ming

The dynasty bonus should be adjusted accordingly for game balance. And you should keep all the benefit when advance to next dynasty. So the expensive extra landmarks can actually pay off. Not just SWAP CURRENT BONUS FOR NEW BONUS.

We spend a lot of resources for the additional landmark, we should get NEW, ADDITIONAL bonus, not change existing bonus to new ones.

Ming is the most advanced and best no matter what, as it was in human civilisation developing history.

You cannot go back to last dynasty by building something.
You cannot go back to last dynasty no matter what.
You cannot be in AD1644 and do something and you are in AD960.




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The thing is the dynasty we are in, or the final dynasty we can reach is arbitrary. It depends on the order of landmarks built and thats not good. Also we lose some bonuses when we change to new dynasty



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I think thats fine because it lets you pick whatever you want.Its very nice for the chinese.

I perfectly understand the discomfort guys, but we have to accept it, it makes the chinese different from other civilizations, after all it’s a game, making the dynasty too temporal, would make everything less complicated, although I agree that only almost useless, because in the end you can complete every dynasty in the era you are in, in the sense that Song, you can complete it in 2 era, and it only unlocks in second, Ming you can only complete it in imperial and so on, so I don’t think it’s a real problem, in the sense that you can complete them even later, but in the meantime I can not complete the Ming dynasty in the second era, you know what I mean

Technically you have to understand that the concept of Chinese dynasty has to do with the imperial family in charge of the empire.

In the game you play the creation of a city, or military camp or base that wants to take over an entire area and has to defeat its neighbors. Therefore they give you creative freedom as a soldier to use the armies that a specific civilization had in a specific period (Middle Ages - Renaissance) as well as choose the path (via the Landmarks) that it takes in its development until it achieves victory. Therefore, depending on how you consider your strategy you can choose not to use Longshot Archers as English or a Raised army of peasants with ####### if you consider it optimal.

Due to this versatility, in the case of the Chinese, when advancing you choose whether or not to “follow” a certain imperial family, Aka; the dynasties. It does not have to be exactly the same as the story, because it is assumed that you are choosing the development of your town and in war anything goes.

The fact that the bonds of the historical dynasties are respected as it should be is what is right. At the moment, each dynasty unlocks unique buildings and units, so leaving it to choose another one does not cause you to lose the technological knowledge you have acquired. As I understand it, in the game’s Alpha and Season 1, the Chinese did lose access to their unlocked unique unit when changing dynasties. That limited the strategies with them a lot, since if you dedicated yourself to an army of ######### (Zhu ge Nu) developing Yuan prevented you from improving them to elite and in fact limited them. I consider it a success that it was changed to maintain the knowledge acquired.

Of course, as the idiosyncrasy of government changes, it is good that the passive bonus changes.

  • Regarding the historical factor of the Dynasty passive bonuses, I understood from the Aoe Fandom Wiki, that the Song dynasty improved the explorer’s vision because it was the dynasty that expanded the borders of China the most at least until its disintegration (I think which is the best bonus they could come up with for the first age, whose only military units are the Spearman and the Scout). After the Song Dynasty increased the creation of villagers, because the policies of the Song Dynasty improved the country’s population growth. The Yuang, well, it’s a reference to the Mongolian Aura Yam, but in China, since they ruled. The Ming and their HP bonus to military units is a reference to the upgrading of military equipment, and the organization that the entire army suffered during the Ming period.