Timer to reset bans in lobbies ? or Access to black list to unban?

Hey !

I think after a player bans you from his lobby, it shouldn’t be forever…

I stoppped to play for 6 months and Im still ban from some lobbies.

I do not remember why I was ban and I am sure the guy who banned me even don’t remember the reason too.

It must a be a stupid reason like my elo was lower or higher than attended which doesn’t deserve a forever ban. I think it is wrong to ban for life because it penalizes both the person who is banned and the person who banned.

When it’s night for example, we need players, the guy who made the lobby is waiting forever and you cannot join his lobby because you are ban. At least give access to blacklist to unban people please. Or make ban for 1 week not forever.

I think many players doesn’t know that if you bann a player it is forever.

Ban should be only for some serious reasons (serial quiters, serial laggers, toxic people etc… otherwise it must be only a kick). Then the player should report and explain the reason of the ban.


What do you mean? For hosts to see who they’ve banned? This is already a thing.

Depending on whose lobby you’re joining, you might find value in joining communities. Black Forest players have their own, I’m sure Arena and Nomad have theirs too. Frequent hosters are usually active in those communities too, so you could perhaps try to contact them through there and ask for a reason or unban.

Could you please explain me how to see who you banned and how to unban ?

You go to your profile (main menu → click on your profile avatar), and then go from there. I don’t remember the exact pathways, but it should be very visible or quickly found.

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Thank you I will try it !

But even if you can unban a player. You should be able to send a report when you ban.

If I ban a player it’s because the guy is a quitter, droping a game because he lsot a vill on boar or missed his drop castle. Or the guy is a serial lagger.

But never I will ban a guy because I don’t like his ELO… These lobbies are super annoying…

I know people will answer “Blablabla it’s his lobby, he does whatever he wants” but NO the game must be designed to attract as much as player as possible and to make there life easy with interface.

I also know lobby problems have been discussed million of time, but were in 2023 and this lobby system is still the place of all abuses.

The best thing to do would be :

  • To add more filters (ELO, Random civ or not, random team or not etc…) Then those who will all the filters will have to wait forever and stop kicking/banning all the time
  • Do something with PING please, when a guy in china joining a game in westEU, he will lag 100%, so just add a filter to accept only people from servers you want.
  • And instead of banning people from the lobby, it should be an option to ban them right after the game, before you forget their name.

Anyway, stop banning for nothing.