Tiny Mouse + 4K

Has anyone else noticed the mouse does not scale to the same size in 4K vs 1080P? Its hard to see when moving around quickly due to the grey color. If we could adjust its size or color that would help a lot.

Its a bit odd everything else kept the same scaling with 1080p vs 4K except the mouse. Not sure what the design decision was on this one. Agree/disagree?

Agree. Far too small for 4k!

bought the game a year ago and still havnt really played it because of this cursor problem. they cant make me go back to 1080

i play in 4k on a 27’ inch monitor, and i see perfectly the mouse cursor

for a 27 inch monitor its ok, but anything above 30 inches the mouse is really small. I have two monitors one 34 inch 4k ultrawide and one 30.5 inch 4k the mouse pointer could be bigger. I dont know if with windows settings you can make it bigger or not