Tiny Tiny Italian Lategame eco buff

So in the patch Marco Polo now gives vils +15% speed

Soooo combined with the other cards Italian vils have like 5.6 speed

And that translate to …about 4-5% gather rate increase on mills and estates (tested using age 1 stats, 5 vils on each mill)

edit: atleast its a net boost since it not based upon base gather rate

there might be more to this



I dont get the buff to Marco Polo. Thats the card tht reveal the whole map and gives treasure rewards again, isn it??

That wasnt enough???


Scale Testing (10 min, 5 vils per mill) with upgrades

Speedy Italian (5.6 speed) + sustainable agriculture +Refridge + seed drill + Artificial Fertilizer + Imp tech ~ 6900 food

Base Italian + sustainable agriculture +Refridge + seed drill + Artificial Fertilizer + Imp tech ~ 6650

Civ with Food Silo + sustainable agriculture +Refridge + seed drill + Artificial Fertilizer + Imp tech = 7100

so Speedy italians will gather about 3-4% more food then base italians

and a civ with food silo instead gathers about 6-7% more food then base italians

Its a frankly very creative way for a lategame bonus, something that I think might be similar in effect to economic theory without it affecting anything else.

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But, since it is a Team card, that economic boost dont affect paddies and farms.

And I mean, It seems too much effects on a single card.

An advantage too is 4.60 speed vills for the team means you all get harder to raid. The vills can hide faster and run from musket raids, even ashi raids.

Even against cav it could be the difference between getting to a TC or dying nearby.

thats a good thing though isnt it, its a singular boost that wont have an impact on ally civs but have a measurable impact on Italy lategame since it already has the other effect.

It will boost gathering for euro civs (besides mexico) and native civs on estates, which is a very interesting team bonus if anything. Its basically giving italy a very minor version of team food silos.

edit: it will also have a very minor impact on african gather rates since they also move around but their movement space is so much less that it has less of an impact from previous testing

Its a very nicely targeted bonus


Would this help French more? I’d imagine it’d be pretty slight

I know but it is still too many effects for a single card in my opinion. Just compare with other age 1 cards. And team cards are suppoused to be weaker versions due to affect the whole team

if we compare to the other italian age 1 card then arguably the effect is lesser cause Florentine Football gives +25% speed

it probably is, france already have a card that increases CDB speed by 20% and iirc the effect of that card is pretty minor.

stacking the two might be interesting but from the numbers so far even with near 6 speed the effect is less than that of food silo so its going to be very small

edit: I remember someone already did the math on this for france, its still has a lesser impact then something like eco theory

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At this point I would just rework the marco polo card…

Have it give:

  • +25% resources from new and old treasures
  • have it increase the LoS of settlers and the explorer by +50%
  • have the explorer and vills move +15% faster for the whole team
  • remove the reveal of the map effect

You are just comparing speed effect but it reveals he whole map and gives you treasure rewards too. 2 already strong effects

This card was already stronger than lakota one which is not a team card as it gives treasure effect for everyone

That’d probably be too strong, I’d say:

  • +25% resources from new and old treasures
  • have it increase the LoS of explorers by +4
  • vills move +15% faster for the whole team
  • remove the reveal of the map effect

My basic concern would be +15% explorer speed is huge. The LoS going up by like 8 would be too much as well. Having said that, I like your idea, just not the numbers. I’m assuming all this would be for the whole team as well though.

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Yeah the numbers were mostly a placeholder, although, the Italian explorer card already gives +25% to the explorer, so I don’t think it would be that broken…

I would mostly like to see the return of the effect on precedent treasures, as since the percentage was nerfed there is no need anymore to remove such effect.

But it is 2 different effect that would not overlap in the game

The first set of effects effect is strong but its only relevant in the early game (map reveal and treasure) and is limited as its only for existing treasures on the map , the effect that gives the rewards again have been removed.

It should also be noted that the increased treasure value it gives is now less than for the lakota one. Lakota one doubles the treasure value, marco polo now only incrases by 25%.

So marco polo has been nerfed twice to its current state, it doesnt give treasure values again and it only increase by 25%, it fits criteria of a weakened team card

The Speed effect is only relavant to the lategame and the effect is very weak.

If you are sending the card for supremacy purpose then the second effect is negligible

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