Tip : when siegeing walls, spread out your siege to deal more damage

Just want to add this in in case people dont know but for some reason in aoe 3, the torch attack that units do to buildings actually has a small area of effect. This doesn’t come up often but for walls this can be a way to eat through walls like its paper.

So when siegeing walls, spread the attack across the wall pieces next to it, like the pilllars and you will deal significantly more damage to the main wall piece and crush through that wall like paper.

do not fear walls, crush them


Yeah it’s always a good idea to target a pillar with other wall pieces either side, not the end of the wall.

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That has been my way playing aztecs for years xD

yes its free damage!

if you have a wall segment with 1 Hp, and next to it is full HP, attack the segment with Full HP and it will drop down to 1 HP! keep this pattern and can really spread out the damage to make big holes in walls super fast.

When starting out, use the main force to get a segments down most of the way, then have units start attacking the walls next to it to spread and multiply the damage.

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