Tips for Barbarosa Brawl

I’m really struggling with the Barbarosa Brawl, especially considering I need to last 20 minutes in it and at some point capture a Relic.

Can anyone give me tips for the Barbarosa Brawl?

  • play on slow speed and easy difficulty (can only change over campaign menu)
  • run to the cumans right away with cavalry, have the market ready as you arrive
  • with your starting army + cumans + one fwd vill it’s possible to defeat teal right away, this might be the easiest way to get the relic
  • don’t rush to imp, the AIs only go to imp if you go to imp, and you might need your res to defend
  • big boom, 3-4 tc
  • lots on stone, many castles, be sure to get bodkin, ballistics and in imp chemistry, crenellations
  • you don’t need to be winning to reach the 10min, 20min, or 30min mark, you just need your tc. You can panic repair to gain a few moments
  • don’t build only one unit, the AI adapts to your composition

Here is an AoEZone thread with some more discussion, including a video of a sick run where he kills all and gets 100k+ score:


So difficulty in the campaign affects the challenge?

Didn’t know it either.

They are so aggressive in higher difficulties

No, it doesn’t affect their bo, how many res they have, or how many units they build I think. But it changes some (hardcoded?) things like wolf aggro, I also noticed an enemy scout always attacking my vills on hard which it didn’t on easy

The 100k points run I mentioned above was on hard

They are IA so they learn to play better or more aggressive the more you play the scenario, i tried to win the first times with boom, mangonels defending behind walls under my castles, the IA learned to snipe mangonels and hunt vills to cut off my economy income and eventually destroy my production and defenses.

The IA cheats they attack you with counter units without even see what you are creating.

The IA doesn’t behave the same in everyone’s end, so that 100k score might not be replicated, don’t waste time trying to reproduce it, the IA on that videos is attacking the TC’s leaving the vills alone,the IA always focus on vills ignoring army or buildings in my end.

In another video the IA gets stuck and doesn’t even attack units(twest pacifit video).

Don’t go for the cuman trash army, it usually makes the IA attack you faster or better, for example green will often start attacking you with xbow and pikes, going for the cuman army results in them attacking you heavy on knights.

If i don’t click up to imperial age they stay in castle age, meaning teal or yellow wont attack you with siege onagers or etk, but i saw in other videos that for some even without going to castle age the IA goes to imperial.

Promiscuit should reveal the script of the IA for that scenario, randomly teal or yellow trebs will attack ur towers min 2 11.

Anyway the easiest way to survive is by controlling water, do a 3 tcs mini boom and defend with castles or towers and war galleys+fireships.

As for the relic, purple relic is the closest to ur base you should attack him heavy and steal the relic, you will be defeated faster but you will complete the challenge.

I don’t think we need to force highest score as possible because a Asian player (their apm too high) will do it.

Ai focuses on TC so wall it but leave a gap. I was too lazy to get 10 minute challange intended way.

I don’t know but i think some critical demo hits going to be nice. Also other ships can be usefull.

And I want to mention if you delete your TC you actually win. I broke win a game as Teutons challange.