Tips on improving beyond 1000 elo?

I’m MisterSmellies in the game if anyone wants to look me up and watch my replays. Ignoring that though I’d say I have my start nailed down pretty good. I only play as Mongols. I have a rough build order I always follow that works good for me at the beginning of the match. Even the games I lose I often have an economic lead for a good part of the game. I feel I’m bad at deciding when to attack/build more military buildings and often end up squandering my advantage.

The highest elo I’ve ever managed to reach is 1000. I usually drop back down after I reach it and stay around 900-1000. I’m pretty pleased with my progression so far but it seems to have hit a wall. I’ve never reached 1000 in AOE2 I think I’m 800 and something elo there. I realise everyone says Mongols are OP so maybe that’s the only reason I’m better here but I also really enjoy playing and feel I’ve learnt a lot quickly.

Does anyone have any advice to improve further at the game? Thanks.

  1. Ao4 is a relatively decision-oriented RTS, but still requires basic “RTS skills”. This sounds boring, but focusing on how you do things rather than what you do may help more. Such as beating up Hard(est) AI while aiming not to waste villager time and resources can be a good workout.

  2. Related to 1, employing simpler strategies/civs can ve useful. You are using Mongols, and while they are good, they are also difficult to manage. You may have better success with French or English.

Good luck!


Ty I will try to beat hardest AI and maybe spend some time as English or French.

It’s hard to speak in generalities.

Best is to look over your shoulder and mention stuff here and there.

Are you in the AoE discord?
Maybe we can meet up there and talk in specific.

There are plenty of YouTube videos with plenty of content to learn.
I am only around 1.2k elo rating so i am nit that good yet and I am struggling with many things on this game. However there are things I can suggest that may help though:

  • Be effective with your vills. Don’t have them walking longer distances than necessary. That means you may need more dropp off buildings as the game goes on.
  • prioritise deer over berries and farms as they have faster gather rate.
  • Use your scout(VERY IMPORTANT!). This is a fantastic unit. It is the unit with best line of sight in the game and you can use to gather a lot of information from your opponent. You want to know what ressources your oponent is gathering, what military buildings he has, where his army is, what is his army composition so you can build the correct counter units.
  • Spend your ressources unless you want to age up or saving for a specific upgrade.
  • Also watch your recorded games and see what you could have done differently.

Hello there, watched a couple of your most recent defeats. I think that at this level the player that has more balanced eco and is able to expend better the resources just wins the game no matter what. The macro play. You have a lot of room of improvement there, try to not float too many resources: eco upgrades, more buildings, more units.

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Currently, the Mongols aren’t good at cav.
It is more of an infantry and siege civilisation.
It has a lot of bugs and the techs and the Khan’s skills aren’t correct at all.
Mangudai’s aren’t good at all in many cases as they depicted it as a raiding unit only rather than the main unit.
I would say play custom 1vs1 matches or if you have friends play team games.
But you should be improving 1vs1 since it teaches the main skills that you really to stand out.

My suggestion is to read the civilisation on the “Learning” tab about its bonuses, skills etc.
Then trying out the maps and getting familiar is also crucial to understand its intention and possibilities.
This way you will improve much faster.

Lastly, watch how pros play. I kinda feel it is not joyful because they use hotkeys to the point the game is all about it. But as you said, if you wanna get good, you need your own hotkey controls.

And good luck.

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May I ask what website is this?

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Here you go

You’ll find it’s better than the official site (Age of Empires IV Leaderboards - Age of Empires). It just gets updated a tiny bit slower as it takes its info from the official one.

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