Tips to beat A.I hardest?

Hello everyone, Im with the last russian mastery and I must beat A.I hardest… when I beat A.I hard I thought I was gonna be able with hardest… no chance yet…

Any help/advice/strategy???

Thanks a lot

Maybe I just got lucky but if you make the AI Chinese they seem to not understand how to play and will take a long time to reach castle/never go imp and leave gaps in their walls. Try this? This is how I beat hardest AI with Mongols.

This a.i. is getting all confused if u attack him early. So try to build up army in feudal age/early castle age and attack then. Often they get so confused they completely lose their will to live and you can just steamroll over them, it’s super weird.

Also, I think the A.I. is extra bugged atm. Usually theyre extra moronic now and, like @MISTERSMELL says, just don’t even know how to build up a base or finish walls. That said, I DID have a match playing as Delhi against hardest A.I. yesterday where I was blown away on how good they suddenly were. I have beaten hardest A.I. with all civs before without any problem but this was so tough suddenly.

I’ve only played hardest AI twice. Once Delhi in past they stomped me and more recently China I stomped them. Maybe AI is good at Delhi?

I like to do Mountain pass small. Create a wall and defend it. The hardest part is holding off the first few waves of attack and make sure 100% there isn’t a second way for the enemy to cross the mountain. Gain resources to make a wonder before the A.I. and you’ll want to utilize market. Then be patient for 15 minutes while securing your wall with more reinforcements.


there is a way to perform the last mastery mission in a matter of minutes ;
launch the game with max ressources, last age and discovered map, and, as fast as you possibly can,

  • produce villagers,
  • with one, make a ton of houses
  • with half the rest, make tons of archeries (to make archers cavalry for the rus’ I would say, or strelsties) and the other half tons of siege workshops to make bombards
  • produce like hell of both
    Once you have a nice little packet of both, whilst you occupy their units with troops, snipe the only TC (since you start last age there is no other monument) with the bombards

If you’re not too slow, the game should last less than 10 minutes, and at least you’re not too endangered by their optimized macro since it’s mosty mass producing stuff.


beat their feudal early aggro.
go to their base.
beat them up before they got imp

All about early pressure dont let it spread. A good build order and i am Sure you will do it :slight_smile: Fingers crossed

I remember playing 2v2 (2 bots vs me + bot) and spammed bombard towers everywhere. AI was so confused about which tower to attack first and was losing all of its units.

If you are just going for the mastery. Easiest way to do it is start max resources, build 20 rax/houses in dark age and build 190 spearman right away.


daaang… why didnt i thought of that earlier? maybe I could build wonder right away and start with walls and towers to defend while I build army, with all these tips i gotta beat that little BX&%$ this time hahaha thx guys

Plan ahead what resources you need to focus on so you’re not scrambling for them under pressure.
Know what units your enemy is producing and make units that counter them.
Focus on the biggest ROI upgrades first before others.
Hurt your opponents economy by not allowing them to trade
Raid their base with a handful of units and kill their villagers (doing this early game can be devastating for them)
Overwhelm them by putting pressure on them from many places at once causing them to split their focus
Who ever controls the map will win 90% of the time

And you’re opponent will usually follow a pattern especially computer AI, figure it out and find a way to counter it.

I regularly play against AI Hardest. While they got mildly more aggressive with more diverse unit composition in the last patch, they’re still fairly easily beaten if you don’t age rush.

Get to the Feudal age and both pump out those spearmen and importantly lock down your melee research in the blacksmith. Invest in outposts for your isolated resource gatherers. I don’t tend to bother much with standard archers at any tier. Don’t neglect to never stop building villagers here and distribute labor to wood early on with a later transition to farms as your meat supply wanes, but maintain a steady gold production increase and scout out the relics. If your civ allows, build walls. Start with the farthest portions from your base and utilize dense trees + map edge to avoid having to build sections (remember, trees are invincible in AOE IV - only villagers can chop them down, so any tree that makes up your wall is an invincible wall section). Build occasional towers primarily for vision - they’re too weak in the last patch to invest heavily for defensive purposes. Utilize resource exchange at the market if you’re too low on food to jump ages (e.g. sell that wood glut and buy your food difference - don’t spend it on military if you can help it as the value of the wood per bundle will drop).

Once you hit Castle age, militarily transition to a greater swordsman, crossbow and heavy cavalry mix to counter their inevitable transition to swordsmen. Build your religious building and capture those relics and a sacred site or two to supplement your gold income and really use this opportunity to continue blacksmith research, a regular attack on their workers (don’t be afraid to retreat) and start building forward bases (surrounded by walls as able). Usually 2-3 of each military building + church are ideal in a forward location.

Transition to Imperial is done with a resource exchange again at the market. If you haven’t been building out your trade route, it’s never too late to start + protect it (the last patch has the AI hitting trade routes + isolated gatherers more heavily than before). It’s hard to go wrong with walling the whole path off if able as the AI will prefer to attack non-walled sections: you can build “honeypot” areas that are well-defended, but intentional holes in your wall and the AI will tend to attack there. Land the rest of your research and if you’ve held off each of the attacks to date, you should have little problem rapidly scaling to a sizable force and easily landing a sacred or wonder victory (more as a fallback) while pursuing the various landmarks.

I’m personally really looking forward to seeing variations of each of the AI scripts as AI Hardest is far too predictable today, particularly if playing against multiple AI Hardests; they simply play out of identical playbooks.

I’d also love to see the AI engine available for modders to tackle and build out even richer AI opponents than come bundled today.

wow you guys! I’ve got a lot to learn from y’all! amazing advice! yesterday I beat A.I hardest for the first time and I got my RUS mastery finally! Im so happy! Thank you all for your valuable information and the time you took in writing here!


All of the previous advice is remarkably involved and… Well, unnecessary if you’re just looking to complete your mastery.

Use Warring Islands
Wonder win mode
Gigantic map size
Highest resources

Build your wonder immediately, then build castles around it until stone is gone.

Walk away, no little army they manage to eventually send will do any damage.

Win in approximately 19mins.

(Not here to discuss ethics or the limitations of the AI, just to offer a solution.)

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hahaha that was such a good one too! I went for that one to get the mastery, as I had tried many times the old-school way and never got close even to age IV

I normaly go archers and ram, the ai glich when he see those two together.

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If You’re looking for a challenge You can play 1vs7. This works for me on the map Confluence with discovered map an no wonders. Took me nearly 8 hours to beat the 7 hardest chinese.
The trick on the map is that the AI normally does not build ships. So You can defend Your walls with some galleys and have a big advantage in the 4th age. I don’t wanna tell my whole strategy here as everybody has it’s own and i don’t want to spoiler. But it was a lot fun to beat >20K soldiers and just lost 500.

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Fastest and easiest way, takes like 5 minutes, haha

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Here’s a fun replay I had the other day as Rus against Hardest AI English.

I could abuse the weakness of AI by rushing them but that’s not fun for me. I want it to fight back. Actually, the replay is one of my early wins against Hardest AI as Rus as I was more of an English or French player. I see a big potential of Rus especially on late game.