Tips vs Hard AI?

So… I’m playing as summerians on the Oasis map 2v2 and getting trashed.

No matter what I do I can’t seem to advance fast to bronze. Max I managed to reach Bronze was 18 min I guess?

By 21 minutes both AI is already sending lots of troops. Also, I never played with an AI ally before, is the some way to call for help or see when they are being attacked?

My strat is to keep foraging and hunting until I have 19-21 villies and the advance to Tool.

The problem seems to be a slow turn to farming after nearest animals have been hunted. And constantly have to build new storage pits when the small patches of wood run out.

I don’t even buy the farm upgrade(I do get the woodcutting upgrade) since summerians have the farm bonus, but it seems I’m getting to Bonze age too late.

I also tend to avoid Tool rushes because I find it boring to end the game thar soon.

Some advice would be appreciated, thanks!


I recommend you not wait so long for tool. With 16 vils you will be fine.
You should use the bushes and collect a lot of wood to make farms as soon as possible. Hunting steals you a lot of time, in addition to the distance it entails.

If you play oasis I recommend you set up a storage near the center of the map (the oasis) and get that forest. Do not waste initial wood in making a storage for the small forest near our TC.


If you want to get to brz fast, you need to make 24-27 villagers in stone age.
You need 6 on food for constant villager production. Then put 6 to wood(and make a pit as soon as possible near wood.) All the rest to food(be sure to scout for enough food.)

When you click tool make sure you have at least 14 villagers on food that isn’t going to run out halfway. When 50% tool, make a barracks and queue 1-3 villagers in TC(number depends on your resources and number of vils, don’t go past 28). Once reaching tool, instantly make market and either stable or archery range. Click brz. Congratulations, you should reach brz easily before 15 minutes. If you’re really good, you will get there at 12 minutes(but unlikely on oasis.)

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Thanks that’s a good advice. I was thinking about a storage pit in the center but it seemed like too far off to defend against raids.

Will def try that though.

I was making 21 vills, almost constant production, will try again with 24 then. The problem is that in the oasis it’s a bit hard to hunt and microing all these villies to scare the gazelles in the direction of the SPs is something hard to do efficiently.

Also, do you happen to know how many vills should I put on each gazelle for a good efficiency?
I usually put 3 on each one if I can, if not I put 2.

Thanks for the help guys.

I’m having the opposite problem now:

  • I managed to increase my performance and beat the Hard AI by scouting more and putting SPs near good spots with Trees + Gold + Wildlife or Trees + Wildlife.

  • I am transitioning to farms faster now and building more of them(12 minimum)

  • I do not spend food on anything until I click the Bronze Age.(I get to Bronze in about 17:30)

  • While Bronze is researching I get woodcutting and get the damage and infantry armor from storage pits.

  • As soon as I hit Bronze I start making short swordsman to defend and get the Wheel upgrade to start making chariot archers.

  • With 3 chariots I can harrass the AI economy while still making cheap infantry(upgraded later to Broad Swordsman) and chariot archers to defend myself and ally.

I managed to beat 2v3 Hard AI like this.

The problem is that the AI bahavior seems inconsistent… In the first games I played they seemed much more efficient(or maybe I was slower) and sent more troops. In the latest games I played they seemed to have built bowman early and it made their advance a lot slower which made the game a lot easier.
Another thing I noticed is that they sometimes hunt stuff that is too far away or don’t even build storage pits near mines(that is a bit rare but I’ve seen it happen).

Though I’m fairly new to AoE: DE custom games so that may be just my imagination.

Is it normal for the AI to behave like this?

EDIT: I wish we’d have an option for the AI to always try to get to bronze before building armies. The fights are much more interesting in the mid-late game :slight_smile:

In my opinion, Babylonians and Chosons are the strongest civs against AI. I build many towers with closed double-walls to protect my farmers and at
outside of the base I build units for attacks.

Yep. And choson infantry seem very tanky which is good for all around defence. Pair them with slingers and enough of them can go toe to toe even against cavalry with the correct upgrades.

Gazelles decade very fast. 1 food for every two seconds. So it goes like this for the food you get out of the gazelle with number of villagers:
1 vils 75 food
2 vils 100 food
3 vils 112,5 food
4 vils 120 food

So the more you can put to work on a gazelle, the more food you will get out of it. But gazelles are small and it’s hard to fit many people around one. The villagers tend to bug out and go idle. Walking around the gazelle becomes a problem too, slowing down the gathering too much. Three is a good number since you can fit one on the front and two on the sides. But you have to check on them to see they aren’t taking coffee breaks. Two on a gazelle bug out a lot less and is a lot easier to micro, but you lose one vil’s worth of food for every four gazelle in that case.

TL:DR Three is best, two is easier.

The AI civilisation have different strategy AIs. There’s usually a couple for reach one and a few standard ones. I do not know how they decide on which one to run. If you wish to force certain behaviour, you could create the random map in scenario editor and set the AI behaviour there to what you like. This way you should be able to have them focus on bronze warfare.

Yeeh, the AI can be broken in DE. They might make pits in stupid places or hunt from really far.

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I see. Tbh I wish the meat decay mechanic was different. It doesn’t make sense for a fresh kill to start losing meat. There should be a timer after the kill that would simply remove all meat after like 2 min?

Yep they keep idling randomly even when there are just 3 hunting from the same gazelle.

The random editor map is an interesting idea, I’ll def try this out, thanks.