Tired of always facing Sweden/Dutch/Japan in every team game

There must be some guys using these civs will shout they are underpower or easy to deal with, and I am also tired to talk to these guys anymore. Situation shows the reality. There will not be Haud/Az/Spanish in every room.

I just want to know, will Devs try to rectify this situation?

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Not only team game also 1v1, every second game i am facing japan…
I play lakota and i faced 3 times lakota and i played like 170 1v1, irokese, atztec are also rare.

I didn’t play 1v1 and I didn’t realize the situation became so crazy.

I am also Lakota/Russia player, for me these 2 civs are still better than those 3 civs I mentioned in the topic.

yeah this is an issue that makes the game lame in long run:

People choose Japan : coz it was OP in 2005, then ashi garus and consulate was nerfed ! but even then! japan seems OP coz of Shrines/daimyos etc. And now in DE, people like japan (#psychology #prefference) also! perception from legacy that japan is easily OP in DE too! although daimtos are sort of nerfed now!

People go for Sweden: coz New! coz Torps boom! coz mercs! coz curiosity! coz canons! coz unknown! new strategies! and surprising the enemy!

People go Dutch: coz they are top tier in DE especially eco wise! also banks+less vills. And the players who preffered dutch in legacy, knows that better! how OP is dutch in DE.


Although it makes the game monotonous at times, u can’t oppose people coz they preffer the most lucrative/seemingly best civs!! but certainly there is a scope for devs, to make rarely played civs more lucrative or start some events to promote other civs also!

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What is your problem with Dutch? They aren’t that strong in team games. Incas on the other hand…

I can’t see anyone is talking about Inca here?

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