Tired of playing against smurfs

I wonder why developers let players reset their accounts all the time. What is the point of having a rating at all? We don’t know how good the opponent is and we can’t play a decent balanced game in custom games. Every time we try to play games with intermediate players having multiplayer rating around 1500~. But players with no rating or few games are coming all of them having pro skills. Can’t you do something about it? We just want to play casual custom games to relax against players with similar rating to us. Why do you keep letting players via steam reset their account all the time? Why is no unranked total rating? As there are many who want to enjoy the game and have decent matches? Sorry but I am very close to quitting the game.

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I’ve been talking about this issue and many more. Smurfs and early quitters. Today I posted about an early quitter case (and it was not even 5 minutes), sabotaging your whole team ELO.

There is no point hidding: higher ranked players make multi-accounts to ruin less experienced players ( race to imperial age in 20 min, trebuchets on 25 min, steamroll on 40 min etc…). They do that either to bully players, to stop other players from getting up the ranks in a dirty scumbag way (the adversary put out of combat, means one less opponent to compete with)…

That the devs fail to address this or don’t do enough to attack the problem is an entire different matter.