Tired of playing vs Mayan Ethiopian Burgundian

Maybe a “tokens” system where you earn civ picks by going “random” a certain amount of times would be good.

Tired of going vs same 4 civs on Arabia. As a mostly-random player, I’d like a bit more diversity, not some badly executed Mayan full walls into archer spam.

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I’ve been calling it out for years now, ever since we got introduced to DE the pandemic of civ pickers has hit us. Now I dont blame the innocent players, you cant blame people for abusing a loophole, sportsmanship was never a part of any gaming community, HOWEVER, there should always be an authority, guidelines, rules, mechanism that will prevent abusiveness.

Developers are scared to address this issue, they dont want to mess up with the vast community of civ pickers, which are a majority, btw, if this was Reddit I’d get bunch of dislikes by now.

Same reason Developers are afraid to nerf these civs, you cant touch the fan favorite stars, and that’s why GoT (Game of Thrones) lost it at the last episodes, in the pop culture there is a lack of authority and standarts, they creators tend to submit to the popular demand.

Dont expect this to be changed any time soon.

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I’m very lax, I’m literally fine playing vs something like Franks, as you can still counter them to a degree, it’s only unbeatable civs like Mayans or 5 TC boom Burgundians with full walls into Flemish that I find stupid when it’s every game.

Britons adds to the list also, early game they have faster working Archery Range which is huge in Feudal and late game they have the “stack 40 Longbowmen in 1 tile” abuse.

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Every now and then, the same people creates the same threads wanting to enforce random as the only way to play the game. It’s getting old.

Everyone don’t want to play random, and you can’t force them. It’s not the problem of the guy, who just want play byzantine every time because he likes the civ (and don’t want to learn how to play another one), that mayan or bourguignon are OP.

At least, try to provide a decent suggestion next time…


Maybe tweak the mechanic of random civ a bit so that the more often a civ is actively picked by the community, the less chance it will be randomly rolled. For example, Franks and Mayans are often picked, and it’s even more rare to able to use Franks and Mayans when the player decides to random.

That would ruin the point of random though. Imagine getting Burmese and Portuguese every match because they’re least played.


ok how about this: each player gets 1-2-3 bans.

I literally have no problem with civ pickers or going vs strong civs, it’s only Mayans aka “mistakes don’t matter and resources never run out”, Britons “I love to flood Feudal archers into 3 TC boom into 200 pop camping Castles with Longbowmen and 1 tile walls abuse”, Burgundians “The Button Presser” that I have an issue with.

I’m fine playing other top tier civs such as Khmer, Tatars, Franks, as I find these bring interesting games, playing vs Mayans is so boring, it’s always a very ■■■■ player doing some trivial strat, 50% of the time they stone wall on Arabia too LOL.

And the only reason you don’t on here to be honest is because we don’t have a downvote button. People don’t really agree with you, and they don’t like what you always say to be honest. Just stop.


Maybe they could introduce a random option that has equal standing to civ pick. So it’s 50/50 if game goes random or with picked civs. Either as replacing the current “go random if opponent goes random” button or as an additional option.

Yup, exactly, we humans always seek a way to abuse and gain advantage in all means, we cant blame those pickers for ruining the game and make it so repetitive, that’s how society organically behaves, we need to developers to wake up and stop this lack of authority.

This is simply false.

You mean devs need to implement what you think is how the game should be played. That’s a big difference.

People pick civs for all kind of reasons. And they pick all kind of civs. Yes mayans is more among these than others (btw I rarely face ethiopians and burgundians at least on open maps) and I agree it’s somewhat boring. However I feel even if I play against people that disable random button I still face different civs most of the time.

And if you’re really annoyed just pick hindustanis and you got your civ win right there. I at least feel immense joy when mayan pickers rage quit when they notice that the civ literally has not a single unit that is good vs ghulam.


Ahem…git gud

Ive beaten the last mayan, frank and burgundian opponents ive faced at my elo. Were not pros. Theyre not op at our level