Tired of the Ranked system

This is an angry venting of the current rating system, being the cause that people don’t want to rank anymore.
Being the problem of so many players I know, that %80 of the games give 0 or 1 elo, both in 1v1 and team games, being in team games increases the amount of times the games that give 0 elo. In addition to being possible to win more than 10 games in a row being undefeated and not receive more than 60 elo, and with 3 bad games I have lost those 60 elo or more, being impossible to climb, and to play games with people who are more at my level.
So I suggest that the developers add a streak system, where for games that give 0 < 4 elo, this will be added to the streak you have at that time multiplied by 3 or 2.

elo of the game + (streak * 3)

in this way it would be easier to climb the ladder and find people equal or better than you.

Estaría bueno escuchar también sugerencias de la comunidad, donde los desarrolladores le den atención a esto ya que mucha gente deja de jugar clasificado por esto.

I have no issue with it, if you get 0 elo in 1v1 then should be steamrolling them and that happens rarely, equally you shouldn’t be losing tons of elo unless you’re getting beaten by noobs.

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