Tired of this TIMEOUT CRAP

We all know how many crashes we get in MP, specially 4v4.
But somehow, the devs expect the player to stay in the game for 5 minutes after someone crashed within 10 sec of gametime, to not get a 30 min timeout

GTFO, game is going to end like this.


There must be some way of only timing out the players who quit


or just not timeout anyone at all. why has microsoft stooped to punishing its playerbase. why not just let people play what they want


This… Just free the whole map list and give infinite stars and bans…


Ranked matchmaking became so much better and consistent since they introduced the ban. Now every player may play the maps they want or at least don`t mind playing. Before the ban system was implemented so many players suffered from queue dodgers and could not play the maps they wanted.
The only improvement i can think of is clemency towards involuntary quitters (all the players past the first quitter in team games)

Ranked matchmaking is ranked for a reason - it tests players all-round skills while offering fast matching times. Three bans is more than enough. One-trick ponies can play THE map they want in the lobby.


Queue dodging is the direct result of not allowing infinite bans. Based on the comments, even queue dodgers dont like queue dodging; they are no different from you, they just don’t want to be forced to play maps they don’t enjoy. Infinite bans help you too. You ban the one-trick pony maps you find boring and play only your funky maps. Arabia & Arena clowns play their fetish maps. Everybody’s happy.

And ELO inflation works both ways. Arena only players who suck at Arabia or mixed maps are no different from funky map players who ban Arabia / Arena just so they can beat the single map players on unfamiliar maps they’re not used to. Well-rounded aoe2 players who play all maps should be able to beat one-trick ponies on their specialised single map. If they can’t, then they’re obviously not as well-rounded as they think.

Lobby is flawed because you can’t see the ELO rating of your opponent before the game starts and it’s very rarely a fair matchup. Plus the wait time is ridiculous. Waited over 30 mins for a team game last time before giving up and going ranked.

Exactly! Or at least have way more maps available. 8x maps is nowhere near enough. More maps = more match-making. Should be 24x maps at least.

This completely unrealistic and undesireable “alternative” is only said by people who seek to silence others and haven’t apparently for one moment considered what it would actually mean if everyone who wants control over maps goes to the lobby. You would get all the downsides of opt-in/max bans without any of the benefits.

Doesn’t mean anything when many aren’t interested. You can disrespect others by calling them one trick ponies when they just want control over maps, but don’t forget you actually need those players to have good working MM. If they leave then it hurts you as well.

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I’ve developed a new philosophy. Just don’t ban any maps. Don’t star any maps. Play whatever they want to play. Learn, and adapt. I mean, I did lose numerous games in a row, and basically become a nomad main, without meaning to, but still. I have played a mix of Arabia, Arena, Nomad, and Megarandom on the previous pool, and after the bug with maintenance reverted the pool, I’ve played a game on 4 lakes. No Socotra or Hideout at all.

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I like that approach so fav no star no ban and you learn the all arounder feeling that is needed for rankeds because its sickening how one map rules all and the ill minded that refuse to be cooperative or adaptable to other maps who just quit maps they dont like

Good, with that logic force random civ in ranked because “One Trick Ponies” Map picker barely exists. One Trick Civ Pickers do plenty…
Show your skill with what your game gives you. You can’t argue against it without losing your argument why you can’t pick a map

It’s either all random or nothing. Period. Ranked is boring and stale because the meta favors the same 8 civs - Force Random and you Ranked becomes an adventure again.

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This goes both ways…

Also, in 4v4 you can ban 1 map only. Ban Arabia and it finds Arena, ban Arena and finds Arabia. 80% of the time.

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I respectfully disagree. It’s not good to force randomness on people if there are no objective reasons to do so. With maps it’s pretty clear: if people are matched whose preference differs, a choice has to be made. For civs, this does not apply, the choice of player 1 does not constrain the choice of player 2, so there is no reason to enforce some random decision.


No? The choice of player 1 does constrain player 2 because it constrains my desire that every player has a random civ

You can choose whatever you like. The opponent can do the same. You can even choose to go random conditionally on the choice of the opponent.
Once a civ is assigned, what does it matter to you whether it was assigned randomly or picked by the opponent?

The only reason I could possibly come up with is that someone considers the ranked matchmaking as a competition that should put an emphasis towards the “quick-adaptation-to-unexpected-situations” kind of skill. But that is a relatively narrow view of what ranked matchmaking should accomplish.

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Almost non. The game is pretty stable for me.
Most of the crashes in the past were due to players Alt F4 and now these people get punished. Seems fine to me.

First time out isnt 30 minutes. But you can make the point that if one player leaves, all others are free to leave without punishment. That sounds like a fair point.

Seems like a terrible idea to me.


I got punished when someone quits when in the lobby with the timer before start.
Happend often lately.
My latest ban is 20 hours…


PD: Now im smurfin’, never done it before. I’ll smurf the hell out of it, I though smurfing was worse than altf4… seems its encouraged now. Whatever

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Why is this a terrible idea?
When in 4v4 you have only 1 BAN.
If you don’t ban Arabia is Arena always, if you ban Arena is Arabia always.

I don’t mind waiting more for a game in another map.
Specially in 4v4 when entering alone.

4vs4 in ranked are mostly pre-arranged teams banning pre-arranged maps, so a team gets 4 bans effectively.

Well, need to be more at least one more ban if you are not searching in a group.

And I don’t think you are correct about the “mostly pre-arranged teams”, yeah, a lot, like 2v2 and 3v3s. But mostly? I really don’t think so.
Anyway, it’s about searching alone for a TG the specific issue.

As far as i am concerned i would say would it make a big impact if lets say 3v3 4v4 for example are all random since like said before many repetitive civs take these spots.

When it comes to map i would treat it like nomad since its unpredictable and so should the general mindset be adaptive to unpredictable things and adjusting to it