Tithe Barns doesn't work on Pagodas and Pagodas generate no gold from relics

The Age IV upgrade in monasteries Tithe Barns does nothing if you place a relic inside a Pagoda.

Expected result: 30 food, 30 wood, 30 stone per minute income when relic is placed inside Pagoda.

Actual result: Nothing happens.

This is especially bad because Chinese have the Pagoda, a unique building in the Yuan Dynasty which produces extra ressources if you place a relic inside. These Pagodas are supposed to produce additional ressources if you have a relic placed inside them.

However, the Pagoda is bugged aswell!

Expected result when placing a relic inside a Pagoda:

100 gold/min income from relic + 100 gold/min + 50 food, 50 wood, 50 stone per minute income from the pagoda. This is what the tooltip says.

Actual result: 100 gold per minute, 50 food, 50 wood, 50 stone per minute.

That means by placing a relic inside the Pagoda, you don’t gain any gold per minute benefit even though you are supposed to gain an extra 100 gold per minute for a total of 200 gold/ minute aswell as 50 food, 50 wood and 50 stone per minute.

The tooltips are clearly wrong and the game is bugged.

Please fix these 2 issues. You must gain a benefit from tithe barns on Pagodas. And Pagodas must add 100 gold per minute just like the tooltip says.

Pagodas were already nerfed when being moved to Yuan Dynasty. So they should atleast do what the tooltip says! And Tithe barns must work on Pagodas.

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Still do not understand what you mean. Did you read carefully the description of each?
Tittle Barns: relic place in monasteries will provide an income + 30 f/w/s so not include pagoda is correct
Pagoda: +50g, 25f/w/s per 30s = 100 g, 50f/w/s per min > monasteries 100g/ min 30f/w/s if upgraded tittle barns.
Or do you want to try an OP civ with relics? See HRE already neft