TK counters Sgt 1:3

TIL 12 ETKs beat the full First Crusade(50 Sgts), and cost ~1000 Total Resources less (elite v elite)

1:3 ETK survives with something like 30 hp, which just snow balls in fights, allowing about 4 out of 12 to survive vs 1st Crusade. Crazy lunatics.

Besides Incas, I still think Teutons are one of the toughest matchups for Sic. Not necessarily because of TKs, but just all the unit’s in general.


Please nerf TK!!!


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One of those rare situations where TKs actually shine :slight_smile:

Haven’t tested it, but I guess teuton champion would also work very well (in terms of cost-effectiveness).

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Yeah and with their mobility they have better utility as well. Im guessing maybe not as cost effective in this kind of vacuum fight but in an actual match with other things to cater for they’ll do better.

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TK don’t have a bonus against sergeants, so sergeants are not resistant to that bonus. Meanwhile, TK are very tough with their strong armor.

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Sergeant STRONK, Teutonik Knight much more STRONK!

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That is pretty much it.

How are champions against sergeants?

they beat them something like 14:10, but you can produce 17:10 for the same cost. main draw back is the initial tech fee on militia line, but total tech price is lower

aka they are definitely a suitable counter for serjeants, and even more so as teutons or any other infantry civ. serjeants are not only individually very expensive, but their elite tech is likely the most expensive UU infantry

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