To developers: FSR does WONDERFUL things for this game! Performance/power consumption ratio is superb with it enabled. GTX 1060 3GB; internal 1080p FSR 42W 45ºC 90fps vs internal 1080p game engine 110W 70º C 90fps. Why so? Peculiarities explained

I got a Ryzen 3700X CPU and a meager GTX 1060 3GB and a 1440p 165Hz monitor. The 1060 is ok, and run 99% games just fine at 1080p but well, it shows its age many times.

Technically wise, this game has some peculiarities. It’s very very well optimised, but it has its quirks:

  • At the recommended native resolution for my rig -1080p-, I get about 110W -max is 120W on my GPU- power consumption and 70ºC or so, I dont like noise but it’s slightliy noticeable the GPU is working hard. Framerate is about 90fps -I limit the game to 60fps though-.

With FSR on -I use Lossless Scaling because it supports HDR but Magpie works the same- nVidia Performance Overlay indicates that the GPU at 1080p internal is consuming 42W and temperature is 45º C. Absolute silence, the fans aren’t noticeable. :smiley: :smiley: Framerate is the same as before, about 90fps.

At my monitor’s native resolution, 1440p, using the “game’s engine”, the GTX 1060 is maxed out, power consumption can go up to 120W.

At 900p, using the game’s engine, I get readings of 95W.

With Lossless Scaling on those resolutions I get 40W or less on average and super low temps. The GPU is sitting on its laurels. :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

This is all fine and dandy.

However, the true oddity happens when I use the web browser or any other app, and lose focus of the game.

FSR is enabled and the game runs on the background, but then the GPU power consumption is 110-120W. Then I return to the game and everything goes back to normal.

This happens 'cos the “game’s engine” takes control once again, 'cos those apps work when the focus is on the game.

Of course, this is injected FSR.

How it works to get FSR for free in ALL your games? Easy.

Download or get any of these programs.

Releases · Blinue/Magpie (

Save 30% on Lossless Scaling on Steam ( (on sale, 2,79€ nowadays, well worth it! Best investment for low end GPUs ever)

1) Set the game to Windowed mode and choose the native resolution you want to upscale from -i.e. 900p, 1080p, 1768x992, 1366x768p, whatever).

2) Click the button Scale in 5s and return to the game’s window. Either Magpie or Lossless Scaling, depending on which one you use, will apply AMD FSR on the game and maximize the window.



Wait, a few questions.
So these are 3rd party programs, not supported by AMD or Nvidia, but they do help reduce temperature? Are these like overclocking? is it safe to do that? Because I play from a laptop and have problems with temperature as well.

So FSR is for AMD graphics cards, and Magpie is for Nvidia? What about CPU temperature, do they help with that as well?

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AMD FSR is supported by any GPU, it’s open source.

Those apps use FSR to inject it to any game you have.

It’s not overclocking, it’s much easier than that.

Magpie is my favourite app of the two and is an independent open source program which works with any GPU, it’s not from nVidia.

If you limit the framerate to 60fps you shouldn’t have issues with CPU temperature, although I dont play on a laptop, in some games I limit the framerate to 60fps 'cos any CPU nowadays handles that framerate well.

This is a great explanation as to how it works:

RPCS3 - First Emulator to Implement FSR Upscaling Technology! - YouTube

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It’s a bit weird that Relic didn’t prioritize implementing FSR as it’s “free real state” in RTS games. While FSR isn’t perfect in, for example FPS games, it has amazing results in Anno 1800.

I’d recommend Relic to heavily push for this, as it can enable a whole lot of low budget gamers to enjoy lag free gaming.