[TO DEVS] Demand to change the flag of Rus

I guess all of you know that nowadays there are total genocide war in Ukraine made by russia.
Hope u header all about genocide of civilian Ukrainians in Bucha already by russian soldiers.

Historically it’s total trash because Rus is arose in Kyiv (current capital of Ukraine) and originally named as Kievan rus
sorry as a new user in forum can add only 2 links, so will mark as google text like that
google_search_text “kievan rus wiki”

Years of foundations:
Kyiv foundation 482 ce , google_search_text “Kyiv foundation year”
Moscow 1147 - google_search_text “Moscow foundation year”

Also the lamest part - the flag is currently using as a flag of Rus is present flag of moscow … drums … flag founded in 1995 !!! and used in a a game bout 11 - 15 centuries as i understand. REAL GUYS ?

The most relevant for flag of Rus would be used symbols of Kievan Rus knyazes
google_search_text “Symbols_of_the_Rurikids”

or even Coat of arms of Ukraine
which contains the encrypted word WILL

Also, due to current war and a genocide.
I stand for a position that it’s inappropriate to such a great game to promote a capital of a genocide also with historical inappropriate flag.

Thanks for attention,
I hope for your understanding and appropriate action

With love Kyiv, mother of Rus

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The Grand Duchy of Moscow - am I some kind of joke to you?
according to the storyline in the Age of Empires 4, Russia is a Moscow principality, which has little to do with Kiev.
Do not mix history and modern realities. Those people and that State are different from modern ones.
You can also propose to rename the Holy Roman Empire to the Third Reich and ban it.

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Agreed. The campaign is a documentary on the rise of Moscow as the formation of modern Russia.
To suggest even for a moment to change history to suit the sensibilities of the current global situation is historically disingenuous.


About historical accuracy - another total crap here bout Rus.
in a Rus campaign when rebuild Moscow there’s Golden Gate in a territory of moscow.
Which is total trash, cause Golden Gate was newer ON moscow. It was build and always was in Kyiv, even after it was rebuilt.

" was the main gate in the 11th century fortifications of Kiev (today Kyiv), the capital of Kievan Rus"
[Golden Gate, Kyiv - Wikipedia](https://Golden Gate)

And? the game does not need to be historically accurate in detail, this will not work, because it will not be a game, but a historical lecture. the fact remains, the plot mentions Moscow and its leaders, everything else is a convention. Considering that all the principalities of Rus are very similar, it is obvious that such inaccuracies exist. such as the extremely dubious use and armament of landsknechts in the game. it’s just a convention.
Yes, and there is no point in producing entities. The developers made a choice of the period (it is even indicated there), they chose the brightest representative of Rus, and that’s the point.
If Rus were devoted to the early period, then it would certainly be the Kievan principality or Novgorod, but this is not so. So there is no point in arguing and suggesting such changes.

Do you want to produce faceless factions that are as similar as possible to each other? you will soon be able to, with the help of mods. There is no need to change the creative decision of the developers.

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Where is this Golden Gate?
There’s only Kremlin.

I don’t think your cringey social activism belongs in here

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You know what can be done with your opinion without arguments

Heard all your opinions
Still 3 opinions are not all community and developers

Your post is cringe and irrelevant. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.


Go cry on reddit lol


Don’t care, politics have no place in video games
Go sneed somewhere else

Or if it bothers you that much make yourself a mod that changes it


This gotta be a joke

Dios colega, que les pasa a los cristales? que acaso no les basta con censurar los comics y dibujos animados sino también los mangas y videojuegos? no me jodan! amigo eso vuelve los juegos mas aburridos, durante los últimos días no he visto a ningún solo sujeto quejarse de la bandera, es un jodido juego joder nada mas que ello.