To you The Yuan dynasty are belong to Chinese Civs?

U guys think like that… AOE4 can’t be global pop game.
may be domestic game for the nation ^^;

Even there are Mongol civ in the game.

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Well, the Chinese have the habit of claiming Genghis Khan as their own so…


as far as I can tell no self-respecting Han Chinese person would do something like that

I don’t want to mention the really big guys here :joy:

Tbh I don’t think Yuan Dynasty belongs to Chinese.
The Chinese are completely conquered by Mongols at that time, same as other civs like Rus/Persian.

But it is acceptable in gameplay to make it simple tho. Even the Qing Dynasty is counted as Chinese in AOE3 lol.

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Well, they can make the first age belong to no dynasty then follow by Tang, Song, Ming. The bonus of each dynasty might need to be changed though.

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I doubt anyone outside of the PRC would care about using the Yuan dynasty.

There was also the same discussion about the representation of India with the Delhi Sultanate. Yet when it comes to the Norman-ruled English no-one seems to care about rulership by foreign invaders.

I think that rule by foreign powers is just as important a part of a nations history as any other, and it’s perfectly reasonable to say that as long as the geographic area is roughly the same, it is still the same nation. The distinction of what makes a nation is completely arbitrary anyway.


the Yuan dynasty ruled china for a while and basically adopted Chinese culture, sure they are not ethnically Han but still, china is china.


Yuan Dynasty was the first dynasty in Chinese history founded by a Chinese minority.

The Mongol Empire didn’t equal the Yuan Dynasty.

Both the Yuan dynasty and the Qing Dynasty belong to Chinese Civs.


Yes. In chinese history both Yuan and Qing are part of chinese.

The theory is both become part of chinese and taking chinese language and culture when they moved to China.

Maybe should let Mongols able to build wall in age 4…

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Kublai Khan claimed to be the emperor of Great Yuan and Mongolia, and in official diplomatic documents he claimed to be the emperor of the Chinese.


The fact is, almost all the so-called racial minorities in China would like to claim them as Chinese. So there is no moot point concerning whether Yuan Dynasty is one part of Chinese history or not. IT IS ! 100%!
China and Chinese are not completely, as what a majority of Westerners believe, a national or racial concept. It is more of a cultural identity, a symbol of higher civilization, which resembles to the Roman civilization that the Barbarians were once eager to imitate. But, perhaps, the only difference is, Romans expired, whereas Chinese did not.
Loads of races claims to be Chinese, including the Han Chinese, the Mongolian Chinese, the Manchurian Chinese, etc. In the historical sources, Kublai Khan, and several Manchurian emperors were proud to be Chinese and they successfully promoted Chinese culture. It is with the endeavors of many great peoples like the Han, the Mongolian, the Manchurian, and the like that China can be a country of so much diversity, which the Chinese people still enjoy today. :grinning:


Blockquote There was also the same discussion about the representation of India with the Delhi Sultanate. Yet when it comes to the Norman-ruled English no-one seems to care about rulership by foreign invaders.

Exactly. People need to shake of this modern perspective. Back in the time AoE IV is set there was no concept of a nation state and its people anyway. What does a peasent care if the lord that takes away 90% of his produce speaks his language or not?

That the Yuan were Mongolian in origin doesn’t matter, the dynasty ruled large parts of what is today China and the people that are called Chinese, so it is fitting right in. Same with the Dehli Sultanat. Yes they were foreign conquerers, literally nobody denies that, but they ruled most of India for hundreds of years. That is what matters.

So as the quoted user states so well: nobody cares that the Normas rule the English, why care for the other civs?

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East asians doesn’t call the yuan dynasty chinese now and past including all historical books from medieval ages to present.

Tancitus…my old SPQR clan mate?

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Salve, frater amantissimus !

Different countries did have different opinions now and then. One interesting fact is that all the surrounding countries of China (geographically like Japanese, Koreans and Viets) would like to claim that they took a share in the Chinese civilization and culture, just as how the Barbarians like Franks, Goths, Anglo-Saxons and Teutons claimed the inheritance of Roman identity. Whether they thought Yuan was Chinese or not is merely their own opinions, one cannot deny that “Chinese” was a really tantalizing title to be hold among all these East Asians.

Yeh, a rational statement here! bros! History is indeed complicated when it comes to such topics, but remember, it’s anyhow a game we should enjoy.

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Mate, please don’t judge history with modern thinking. Ancient Chinese civilization is an advanced and rich existence in East Asia and even Asia. Have unique moral etiquette. Other ethnic groups in Asia hope to become part of Chinese civilization, so many other ethnic groups in East Asia have always wanted to conquer the Han nationality and become the representative of Chinese civilization. They naturally want to be Chinese. Therefore, countries established by other nationalities were follow the example of Chinese civilization and learn from the ideology, morality, etiquette, economic and political structure of the Han people. After they became Chinese emperors, they tried to integrate into Chinese culture and make themselves a Chinese. Yuan did not fully integrate into Chinese culture because its existence time was too short. It was overthrown by the Han people of the Ming Dynasty in less than 80 years. Due to the long rule of the Qing Dynasty, the Manchus fully integrated into Chinese culture and became Chinese. Until now, people can’t tell the difference between Manchu and Han… The same language, the same culture. The Han nationality in China is not a nation of single descent. The Han nationality is a cultural carrier. Anyone who learns and accepts Chinese culture can become a part of the Han nationality. The lineage of Han nationality is diversified. Many rulers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa are foreigners. Aren’t they the British Dynasty and the French dynasty? The British queen is German, the Russian czar is German, and the French king also has Vikings. Finally, they all become British, Russian and French.


What are you talking now???
No body of Korean, Japanses viets think we were chinese or came from chinese or theirlands

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