"Toggle Extended Tooltips" keeps getting disabled with each new patch, I'm pretty sure

a friend of mine has similar issue. since my mod requires extended tooltip and he has that enabled, it is still disabled for him. I was fairly certain language of game wouldn’t make a difference but he told me he and his friend (game in spanish) all have same issue, while rest of us in US, canada, europe even players from china dont have this problem.

honestly donno whats going on, did try to ask them to reinstall the game but it was too much effort so we didn’t dig further.

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Quite a strange issue. I’m in North America, so this region isn’t completely exempt from experiencing it :slight_smile:

Update: The latest build (Build #6421374 - Women of History Event) didn’t cause my Extended Tooltips to get disabled.

Will see if the next major patch disables it, though.