Tons of Smurfs on TG rank ladder

Last couple weeks i’ve been facing a lot of smurfs on TG ranked games making impossible to find a balanced match with someone your own level.

This is just an example from yesterday. Noisick and Gabi are really good players and the other player is clearly a smurf account with +90% WR in team games.

Due to TG rank inflation there’s big difference between top tg players and new accounts (4k and 1k i.e.). I think the game needs to restart TG ranking in order to fix this.

What do you think?

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Or just fix the formula… there’s no way that any player is realistically 3.4k elo. As in, a 3.4k elo player is not realistically as good as the number suggests and probably would not win 100% of the time against a random 2.7k player.

How are TG ELO’s calculated? Is it possible to add the 1vs1 ELO in the formula?

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That is the one of the points, why the ranked teamgames are broken:
Winrates and 1v1 ratings of the players are not taken into account while matchmaking.
And it would be easy to do so, to find better matchups.

What would also be necessary for a good matchmaking system is the detection of rank reverse boosting and multiusing players, but this harder to program/implement.
While 1v1 ratings and winrates are already determined and could just be shoved in the matchmaking system.

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You cant even properly report smurfs. I always report them for griefing and write “smurf” as comment to it. But you dont get any Updates What happened to the reported Player…
Is it even explicitly forbidden to have a smurf account?


The devs should go full StarCraft imho:
No family shared accounts for ranked games, multiusing and smurfing explicitly forbidden, account sharing explicitly forbidden, change of nickname only allowed once in a few month, rework the matchmaking, punish ranked reverse boosters and map dodgers.


That will be a pain to implement for both xbox and steam though.

Imo something easier would be that the team is formed by people with +/- 100 points in comparison to the points the team leader has. Then team 1 is matched with team 2 based on the team leaders.
Like an extended 1vs1, focused on the team leader.
Also add “ranked” option for lobby rooms.

There will be no smurf problems like in the picture because the team leader will only invite people that have 33xx~35xx points. If pros and streamers want to invite followers, then they can go to quick play or lobby.
Ranked will be healthier, quick play will have a purpose, and there will be more reasons to browse the lobby.

You have absolutly no knowledge of anything, you are just bloating up the forums with your imaginations.
Sadly you are not the only one, and that is the reason why nobody from Age of Empires directive will go here.

I don’t understand what you explain =/

Chill, mate. I only posted 1 thread so far. And it just links to threads from others. Relax.

The current matchmaking: the first person who queues is the team leader. He can invite others or wait for the system to get him teammates automatically.

What I propose is: Limit the teammate candidates’ points by a difference of +/- points based on the team leader’s points. That way, he can’t invite low level players and is forced to play with people who have the same point threshold, give or take 50-100 points of difference.
If he wants to play with his low level friends (or his other “friends” to smurf), he can go to quick play or the lobby… that’s unranked.

Imo that’s easier than just butchering the current matchmaking, and better than just shunning new players who pay to pros/streamers to play with them or new players who use family sharing to get coached/just play campaigns.

You have got things wrong, smurfing is not prohibited at all, manipulating the ladder actually is.

Having a second account slightly lower than you main ID is not bad for the game, it motivates players to try different strategies and civs, also it makes feel players more confident to warm up and catch up after some time of being inactive, facing a stronger player outside their comfort zone isn’t bad for the enemy at all.

What is wrong is smurfing on purpose to manipulate the ladder and achieve higher ranks, using a lower account to boost another player elo, that is point trading.

The irony of all of this is that team game Elo has become absolutely worthless and meaningless, to the point that I wonder why one would even bother to get 3k elo? For some misguided sense of accomplishment? It is beyond me

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Ashame it is allowed. I also report these kind of toxic players, but i dont really see any result. I have faced players that just lower their 1v1 rating. clearly showed this (20+ losses in 1h is clearly an indication something is wrong) and his main account had the same user name. Nothing really seem to happen after the report, so i he could continu smurfing. I even face him 3x in a row…

This wont solve anything. Everyone gets bad match ups at the start, because no one has a rating. After the initial period, the same accounts come on top and you are back to the same spot as we are now.

A reset is part of the solution, but not the full solution. The devs need to change the calculation behind the rating update. This is already discussed in the following thread. I suggest reading those solutions.

After such fix is implemented, a full reset of the ladder seems like a good idea.