Too many AI players go Revolt

This AI issue started with AOE3 DE.

In the original AOE3 the AI never goes Revolt.

Revolt is a bad strategy that ends the game prematurely.

Revolt should only be used when you are losing the game and you try to steal a victory in one last push.
Revolt should only be used in 1v1 games.

When I play 4v4 skirmish game with the AI 3-4 AI’s go Revolt for no good reason.

This basically kills the game because the AI has no economy left after that point.

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Has this issue been resolved?

This issue is being tracked already. Thanks for the report!

That has been fixed 4 patches ago :smiley:

It had been resolved for treaty only, preventing AI to revolt during them.
If you are not playing treaty (or in smaller time treaty like 10-20 min), I don’t think IA is less prompt to revolt as before this patch.

If it weren’t for a treaty, I would have destroyed the opponent’s army and attacked the opponent’s town center in a normal game. I would be surprised if the AI has the chance to revolutionize.

This can also be fixed be creating a mod. I have crated a mod which seemed to work but i cant tested it deeply because of the game crashes.

You only have to rewrite a few rows in the ai script to prevent them from revolting.

After this patch i did not look after what changed in the ai script.

Maybe i can send you an example. But as i sad it is not well tested and thats why i did not published it yet.