Too much gold visuals

Why do every final upgrade make units clad in gold ornamentation and even buildings. Everything is gold, everywhere is yellow. There is not a single metal piece that is not gold in final stage. Please stop adding gold look and add proper metal colors used for armor.

Yellowish and gold looking units are a mess to look at.


gilded equipment should be used sparingly maybe on elite knight armor or high class unique units like palace guards or the English King. It’s ridiculous to see units that don’t cost any gold to train have gold equipment.

It’s a color code. Gold for Elite/Imperial, Silver/Steel for Castle Age, Bronze for Feudal and whatever that color is for Dark Age. If you see a golden helmet you know immediately that’s an Imperial age upgraded unit. That’s the idea.


Sacrifice visual effects for the convenience of esports players in identifying unit levels.


It’s readability for everyone, not just pros.


This isn’t just an esports thing. It’s a core part of games design.

By all means feel free to dislike it if you disagree with it, but the blanket label of “esports” is getting old.

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Copper as happens in AoEO…you have copper in the first age, bronze in the 2nd age, silver in the 3rd age and gold in the 4th age…

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It would be nice to have a game option to config it at the very least (enable/disable golden visuals), although my ideal would be to have a different, cooler unique model in era IV, which feels nice to upgrade to.

I understand the gold coated concept from a practical standpoint, but it’s such a shame to upgrade units into a less appealing model. At least I find them that way.

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It’s more for casual gamers for visual queues to recognize things quickly. You see the same thing in AOEOnline which doesn’t have an esports scene and AOE2 which was made long before esports existed.

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AoE 2 does not have much gold in their units. they use later or more advanced equipment to distinguish between units for example the halberdier has a halberd mail with a fully colored surcoat. in comparison the pikeman has a bill and a white surcoat with a lion on it over mail. They both look very distinct, and unique units look the same regardless if they are elite or not.

With a game like AoE 4 every civ has unique art for their shared units, so someone learning the game would have to memorize the individual equipment of each unit for each civ to tell at a glance how strong they are. With units color coded for each age new players can tell at a glance how strong a generic unit is by just memorizing the color for each age.

What you said is reasonable, but only for AOE4, the current rule of dividing the era by helmet color was changed before the game was released. From the early game graphics, such as the campaign loading diagram, it can be seen that this was not the case before.

Most things are changed before release. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say?

Would it help if the campaign assets were updated?

I agree…although I don’t think they will update the campaign anytime soon…

I believe it is necessary to publish a visual enhancement mode that makes the buildings of all civs same, and make all units same.

For example, the spearmen of age1 are all cylindrical, the spearmen of age2 become triangular prisms, and the spearmen of age3 become quadrangular prisms.

Only in this way, those old players may stop shouting about they can’t distinguish units clearly.


Oh man, I’m gonna laugh my ass off.