Top 300 aoe3 player thoughts

I know have f1 to f3 to find more than 20 buildings. In aoe3 I used c to build a church and c to find that church. W to builf amill an to find it. Z to find and buil plantations. B for all barracks plus building them. D for all idle vills etc etc I use almost 30 hotkeys and was top 300 because of hotkeys. I am a bit older so less fast than a 16 year old. This should be your main focus now. I made a excel and saw you balanced the units much better than in previous games. Now we need the keys to ignite the redbull car you made. The extra unit abilities are good. Couldthe civs seem quite balanced and versatile. Better control is needed pause is needed. Extra win possibilities are good. Score is needed,