Totally Accurate Empires - MOD

Version: 1.1.4


  • Longer Lasting Corpses
    Corpse now last for 3 minutes before disappearing.

Version: 1.1.5


  • Enhanced Combat
    Archers now have increased range and visibility to counter balance their lack of accuracy.
    English archers still have their given stat bonuses.

Currently working on the velocity of the arrows.
Soon I will be able to balance this mod for PvP also.


Version 1.1.6


  • Enhanced Combat
    Arrows now have reduced velocity to feed the realism.

Trying to figured out how to make the arrows arc more smooth. Might be dependant on its travel time.


It is really very cool feature. I tried to do the same after watching your cool video. But when I increase the death timer for the arrow projectiles, they don’t go down to the ground like in your video; but thy stay where thy hit - so thy stuck on the air lol. If it is possible would you like to give some tips? thank you very much.

I’ve also encountered the same issue. I am unaware if there is a way to stop arrows from floating once engaging certain targets. I have not had a chance to dive deep in to the editors settings. For now I’m just scraping the surface getting the basics out of the way, until they give us more control over it.


I do apologise for the late response to the issue the recen tupdate has brought upon the mongolian civ.
They seem to not bother trying to develop their base from the very beginning. Even after spending over 45 minutes waiting for them to do something, I am still having issues figuring out as to why the mongolian AI stopped functioning.
If there is anyone who is familiar with a solution, do let me know.

I have the same issue too and I still couldn’t figure it out about how to solve it. Mongol AI is not working. The only place Mongol AI is working is at Island Maps.

Other problem of Mongolian Civilization is that for adding new visuals from other Civilizations like tent, bridges etc any models that “If you even get one time that Pre-Cached Red Box Visual Error, it affects other models too which your file is corrupted forever that you cannot get it back to original version to use again - even you remove your cloned file”.

That’s why, I lost russian, english and chinese tents visuals except dane tent which it is happened after I applied to build them on Mongol Civilization. That is to say, Mongol civilization is very problematic…

AOE4 Developers should fix their Content Editor software really, there are lots of problems and from our side we cannot fix them. It is already months passed and there is no news from AOE4 Developers to make some fixes on the Content Editor.

I even experienced a bug that prevent the game to open, so it forced me to remove my mod from store and I go back to a few previous patch to solve the problems which I will re-release the whole mod again, so I lost lots of time and effort and now I try to apply the things again. I advise everyone to get a backup before trying to add any new features to your mods.

Jesus christ. You have been though worse than I have with these mongols.
Let’s hope they get this sorted asap.

hey men could you lower the speed of the arrows its too fast i think the trajectory should match its speed the longer the slower while closer the faster. Nice Mod men love it ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°).

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I appreciate the compliments regarding this mod. Currently I am tying to move houses so I wont be able to offer any updates for a few months.
But yes, I can certainly lower the speed of arrows in order to match their trajectory.
I have also been told something about rus and them having stone walls. I am not sure what has been updated recently but if Rus has been given stone walls, I will also be working with fixing that up too.
But for now things are going to br a little slow.

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In actual fact, I will also be waiting until the new DLC with the 2 new civs appear. Since I will need to edit them also, I can just try and get everything done at the same time when I get the chance.

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About the camera, the camera should perhaps be zoomed in to the point that we are seeing the view in a very 3D mode as seen in other RTS games like Empire Earth and as well as some trailers for AoE4 and it would most certainly be nice to see the sky in the camera view.

That is something I had in mind from day 1. Hopefully in due time I can get them all ready.
There is a possibility that I am going to overhaul the mod from scratch once the new DLCs are out.
I’ve been trying to get something in particular to work in the shadows, but for some reason I can’t get it to work.
So the best solution I have in mind is to start from scratch. Since I already know how to edit the files substantially.
I will only take me 1-2 days to have the mod fully functional again.
I will certainly post the mods link here beside the old link.
Thank you once again for your feedbacks, it helps alot.

How much better is the AI in your mod than the standard AI?
I just like playing with the AI :slight_smile: The standard AI is very weak, even on max difficulty :frowning:
Thanks for the reply.

Currently “Hard” and “Hardest” is the most tuned AI opponents. Compared to the default, they are more effective in battles. As I am limited on how much I can tweak, trying to make the retreat when needed and fight to the last man is a challenge. But nonetheless, they aer very active in battle. Their usual fighting style switches around whilst you engage them. If you play tutrle, they will respond with an early scouting team, then evolve in to an army. Their aging time has been tweaked so that they can compare closely to profesional players. As stated, since I am limited with what I can do using the tools, their logic is still barren. But they make it up with either playing turle, walling off and setting up forward defensive points with several castles. Or they show up with an army either far stronger than yours or closely balanced. Delhi and French are currently the strongest AI in this mod.

I’ve had to hold off any updates until the major update with the new civilizations. Once that sets in place, I will fix everything that had gotten destroyed by a previous patch the developers had thrown in.
Until then, you will get information regarding any big updates through here.

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Thank you for information !

I hope the developers will let us fully modify the AI files :