Touch support for AoE4

I feel like AoE is the perfect game to play on my Surface Pro while lying in bed. Having native touch support would be awesome. It’s easy enough to just tap buildings to produce units, drag to move around the map, maybe two-finger drag to highlight and select multiple units.

I hope touch support is considered and added eventually.


Although I’m not sure it would ever be viable in a competitive setting, I think it would be a really cool option for casual play.


Yeah. A lot of people never play competitively.

I have done competitive gaming and it is very demanding.

You don’t get real fun at srolling fast the game and you don’t have realy the time to look at the game.

Any animation become a nuisance, when there is no tactical map to play on.

You got to win a maximum of game, in the less time possible.

Some time, you just give up game that could last a few houre, to alow your self to get more win in shother game.

And the pc material needed cost alot.

In tournament, they give you key-board and a cliking mouse, that require alot of time to press and drag.

In the end , i realise that i miss all the fun of playing at a slow pace, having time to look around and be free minded.