Tower cant shoot unit behind palisade (min range)

Game Version:

  • Build (Steam version on 11/17)
  • Platform (Steam)


My tower couldn’t shoot a scout that was behind a palisade because it considered it to be too close.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build a tower and circle it with palisade.
  2. Have a enemy melee unit attack one of the middle sections of the palisade (not the corners)
  3. Order the tower to shoot it

Also as you can see in the screenshot, the fire renders in front of the unit

Other than the fire not being supposed to be rendered in front there’s nothing wrong with that.

Why? isn’t a palisade 1 tile wide?

actually my bad, thought the minimum range was bigger
i think the scout somehow clipped a bit inside the palise?
from what civ is the tower?

edit: nvm, just managed to replicate it in the editor
I think that’s exactly it, tho it’s rly hard to get them into this “safespot”
I was able to replicate it using a scout, a paladin and a huskarl, but wasn’t able to do it with larger units like war elephants and rams
maybe they could try to lower the minimum range to 0.95 to fix this issue, it’s like the units are touching the border of the minimum range

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