Tower rushing is OP bcse

Currently, the Mongol Tower rush is so OP.
Many people forget the 100% accuracy arrows…

In AOE2 arrows have the accuracy and would not hit if the unit is moving horizontally or an upgrade that calculates movement and shoot according to prediction (Which improved hit rate).

In AOE4 arrows have an aimbot with incredible 1000000% accuracy and that makes it impossible to cross towers with villagers and start an economy in safer areas.

2021 AOE4 being worse than its previous titles is just a disappointing fact.


Laser guided arrows were based on the cooperative use of ancient laser cutting technology to improve the game’s historical accuracy, which was sorely missed in older titles of AoE.

But in all seriousness, how would accuracy work in this game? You’d have to give archers and towers some good accuracy to make sure they remain useful. If people could dodge LB arrows, you’d see a unit, somewhat worthless beyond Feudal, become really useless.

We’d see waves of complaints in the forums from the single-player skirmish community asking why their town centers don’t defend them against early AI aggression.

In AOE2 units don’t have such an issue at all.
Never seen complaints about it in its forum.
Your point illustrates you are not good at microing units.
It does not mean arrows are useless.
It simply means arrows are useless when units are moving left or right (horizontally).
It would hit units if they move forward or backward.
So much more realistic and adds more microing making archers or non-archer units to outplay with lesser numbers if controlled well.

I know most of the low-skilled casuals would see it as a nerf, but good players would use it to their advantage to really show their skill on the battlefield.

In AoE2 there was no issue at all. The game was designed around it.

It isn’t realistic, but it is much more fun and rewarding than the laser-guided arrows in this game. Archers aren’t a fabulous choice in this game as is, even without the existence complex micro, unlike in AoE2 where it mattered a lot because good Xbow & Arb micro could snipe your army one by one if you had bad micro. It was one of my first complaints that I couldn’t micro away from arrows anymore, or cannonballs.

New year resolution, stay positive. :smiley:

I will keep building tower at enemy resources, until they can’t gather any more.

The 100% arrow accuracy help alot in destroying other people game.

I will keep using this exploit, until the game change.

yea, top pro players deliberately use those exploits and Relic cannot ban them because players would go away xD

No idea what happens to normal players tho xD

Well, the other tower exploit is to build a tower behind the first, and make units suich tower prior attack, to had a extra attack, like if tower always had units in game.

It affect alot in early game, when i rush enemy base, to deny enemy resourcess.

I dont find it OP becoz we can counter it. Noobs have problems with it.

Mongols is not that dominating on tournaments. Watch how Pro takes care of them on Youtube.

Once you know how you counter the Tower Rush, it would be free win on you.

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The recent tournament simply banned the Mongols bcse everyone would have picked the Mongols and tower rushed.

It is pretty easy to counter, but the enemy takes a huge advantage for delaying your economy and making you spend resources for the upcoming counters for your units. That is where many people lose.

We know the counter of Towers… it’s the Rams. If they forced us to make Rams, deliver such Rams to their Town after destroying the Towers. Force them to have their Villagers suicide to our Rams.

Nah, by the time you reach with ram they will have a huge army waiting you xD

Easy to counter? You guys must be insanely good in this game :
Hera Mongol Mirror

The tower rush itself can be done by most of us, the defense by probably nobody here. That’s the issue with it.

A reliable counter wins you more games as you lose against this rush. Beating it once in a while when your opponent had a seizure, gets treated, comes back, it’s still ahead and finally loses because he fell asleep doesn’t count as a counter.

Everyone knows that these archers are from 2021 they have laser guidance and Musk’s satellite constellation. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Yea it is op especially got buffed last balance patch.

Not only mongol do it, other civs can do it too, and we also have stone wall rush from China…

AOM vill do 3x damage vs tower to stop the tower abuse, maybe aoe4 can do something similar…

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In this way, England can kill any non-Mongolian player at the age of 2. We need tower

the worst part thatthe mongol force u to build counter tower but can cancel his, return all resources and place tower at different angle.