Tower Shield Spearman?

Would you like to see such a unique unit? Would you use them?

From a castle. Cost per unit: 80 food and 30 gold. Stats: 150 HP (non elite 100 HP), 3 attack (with blacksmith upgrades it’s 7, no attack change with elite upgrade). Base 8/8 armor, non elite 6/6 armor, armor can be upgrade further with full blacksmith upgrades. Weakness slow movement, low attack vs infantry and non cavalry units. Plus 15 vs cavalry. Role defensive tanky infantry that can be used as an anti cavalry and damage sponge vs archers. It functions somewhat like a ram that can actually fight back to a degree. But it’s also highly resistant to melee attacks.

Look something like this.



Im assuming all civis get access to this similar to a petard?

You think this unit would be strong or what? Having this for all civs would be somewhat crazy.

I misunderstood,initially I thought this was some new unit out of the castle.

This sounds ok on paper but is it really useful is the question.

So like this has the Teutonic Knight problem wherein ots too slow to do anything of value because it cant get close and since you called it a spear type of unit archers are gonna shred em even with 8/8 base armor. All they do is soak shots and why would I shoot them anyway if tgey wont kill my archers and cavalry can way too easily run away. And then monks come out and force either a conversion or delete press because you let it get taken and now YOU need to run your cav away

Cavs will just turn around and kill your whole eco.

If it’s the infantry swordsmen class, same as a champion most archers will stil do only 1 damage to this unit. In tight choke point maps this unit would act as a meat shield on the battlefield. Cavalry units fighting them up close will take a lot of bonus damage, and the unit can tank vs them since it will have 150 HP, and 11/12 armor when fully upgrades with blacksmith upgrades.

In all but very closed maps this unit is worth minimal.

What if at the cost of losing 50 HP. 150 to 100 HP. Give it the ability to throw javelins like a skirmisher , bonus damage vs archers, but only does like 1 to 2 damage vs anything else. And it has the ability to switch to spear and shield mode up close to counter cavalry and tank in melee combat.

I posted several times a concept of a shield Spearman like this. But In my case, I give it the anti-infantry role, and make it generic and non-gold costing.
Basically a militia-line counter to finally give it a serious buff.

Sounds like a worse version of the Hoplite Line from AoE1.

Tower Shields were not really a medieval thing - it was more an ancient rome thing, or even highlighted in videogame pop culture like in Dark Souls.

With the vast amount of Civs now available, a brand new unit line would also cause some ‘interesting’ balance issues.

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The Pavise shield, also known as the Wall shield , is a large rectangular shield similar to the Mantlet. This shield was made from wood or metal and could protect the holder’s entire body. These were very useful for archers, as it would come with a Pavise-bearer, whose job was to hold the shield for the archers.

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Coud be cool to have an anti cavalry unit which also has high pierce armor and can’t be killed easily by archers with infantry being its only counter. We need more things in game that incentivise training infantry.