Tower Should be delayed tech tree

Black Smith -> Tower
It’s really good idea for Tower RUsh

Tower is just defense building

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Are you saying that the tower should only be buildable after the blacksmith is built or when you hit castle age?

Either way, this would be a nerf to using towers defensively as you’d need more time to get the towers up in full as far as initial defense buildings and a buff to general rushes against tower defense users
such as I

I dislike this


Yeah tower nerf is good. But I don’t think requiring Blacksmith is a solution.

Incas tower rush is really strong after they get blacksmith upgrade on Villagers, so they have to build blacksmith for that. I think this solution can be additional buffs to Incas tower rush and nerf to other civs tower to make Incas more overpower.

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Towers have been nerfed so bad, first the HP reduction, then they made it impossible to hit villagers repairing siege and lastly the towers can have 5 enemy villagers working around and still firing a house for 10 minutes, even if you target a villager as soon as it gets out the view the tower will keep firing the house or any other building 11, literally they don’t work anymore to control map unless it has units inside, walled below and you pay attention to the units you want to fire.

That is why fwd is rarely seen even among tops.


Tower rushes are already very rare compared to pre DE. No need to nerf them again. If you want to change them they most likely need a buff. But i dont think we need to change them at all.

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this is like the 3rd post by the OP about this, he doesn’t care to listen to others, he just wants tower rushes nerfed no matter what.


Tower rushes are fine, they can be situationally viable. But aren’t in any sense OP.

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I thought it was the same in AOE 2 HD. Villagers repairing mangonel to take down towers was a common strategy back then.


They nerfed tower rush a lot in definitive edition;

-Korean bonus nerfed.
-Towers has %50 less hp in Feudal (Like towers in HD)

Just they didn’t nerfed Inca blacksmith bonus but blacksmith upgrades isn’t cheap, you can defend yourself easily if you are in Feudal age. Train army kill villagers. You can reinforce your forces faster than his 1 TC. If you don’t notice enemy villagers build a defensive tower but don’t forget to mine stone for second TC. Basically use your scout good, if you are playing against Incas watch area between you and your enemies bases.

I think TCs and Castles better than towers. Usually we don’t use it. Of you are civ like Japanese you can make it.

It’s not important
Nowadays still many Expert player defend Tower rush by building Tower
Do you know Why it is problem now?

To protect tower rush, We build Tower
It’s main problem now!

and how often do we see tower rushes, especially at the pro level? almost never. if tower rush was such a problem, how come we don’t see it that much?

Everdays we can see KOTD3 every week! almost 50% game over u know?

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50% of kotd3 games have had tower rushes? shouldn’t be hard for you to provide proof then.
go ahead and throw them up.

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go to watch it please ^^

you are the one making the claim. you are the one who has to provide the evidence. that is how arguments work, it is called Burden of Proof, here is the relevant part and i quote.

In public discourse[edit]

Burden of proof is an important concept in the public arena of ideas. Once participants in discourse establish common assumptions, the mechanism of burden of proof helps to ensure that all parties contribute productively, using relevant arguments.

ergo - if you think you have a relevant argument, you have to provide proof to back up your claim, and you have provided none. you have told us its commonly used in KotD3, but you have not shown us. if its used as often as you say it is used, providing evidence should be very easy.
i shouldn’t have to watch over 200 games to PROVE your argument. If its happening as often as you say it is, go find the games, link the series, and tell us what game it occurs in. you’re saying its happening extremely often, you should be able to flood this thread with examples with extreme ease.

in the round of 16 group a for example, tower rushes happened once. in 18 games. that isn’t exactly common. and certainly isn’t the 50% number you are throwing around.


It is also called recall bias. People tend to recall the things that annoy them better than others.

Maybe it was the reason he said “50%”

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NO so many tower war were there. you should watch again

Chart did 5 tower war during last round

then you should be able to easily provide all 50% of games having tower rushes that you seem to recall.
again the burden of proof is on you to back up your claim. not on us to prove your claim for you.

that’s still not the 50% of games having tower rushes that you claim. and Chart only won 3 games total in the round of 16, out of 11. not a very good track record. unless you can provide evidence to back up your claims, your word and your argument loses credibility.