Town Bell For Towers

Pretty simple idea, wouldn’t mind being able to ring the bell for an individual tower.

After more thought, and slightly more complex than above, it would be cool to have a proximity alert type setup.
i.e a mining camp that if an enemy unit attacks in a certain LOS of the tower any villages retreat into the tower.


Well it would have to be a completely new mechanic.

Current town bell tells all villagers in some area close to the town center, to garrison in any close castle or towncenter or tower.

So your tower bell has to work only for towers.

But kinda feels uneeded. I guess it would be interesting to have for every building, that they have some form of “call units to garrison” function, to automatize garrisoning units, but I feel there are way more things the game could need (bugs fixed, performance fixed, server fixed) before implementing this thing.

also I think probably serious / expert players will still individually select units and garrison them into tower, since it allows them more control and micro over units, and probably less buggier (what if a villager accidentaly gets stuck near a tower which has stone walls around it)


The town bell is more of an eco killer than an actually helpful feature and should never be used, so why bother adding it for towers?


The potential use for the town bell.

I haven’t tested it to see if it’s any different in DE.



okay ill tell that to all the players who do use it because they cant micro 35 villagers into individual structures…

there really is something wrong with how many people have come to religiously believe this game revolves purely around “expert” players

really guys how many times do we need to prove this game doesnt revolve purely around the minority?

auto scout was added for a reason… im not going to explain any further… use your brain

no it wouldnt. it would just mean the player wouldnt have to click on the TC, but could get the EXACT SAME FUNCTION by clicking on a tower… for example a twr out in the field guarding vils harvesting stone and wood. player bells the twr. jobs a goodun

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Unless you’re attacked from everywhere at once, you won’t need to garrison all your villagers, so no need to micro a lot of them at once.

You know, there are a lot of people who got better once they realized using the town bell made them lose games.

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Not everyone plays the game exclusively for multiplayer either.

Why should anyone care about players that are too lazy to use the garisson hotkey. Nothing serious or expert about it, it’s one of the most important hotkeys in the game (even when playing SP).

Just use it and you’ll quickly understand that you never want to ring the townbell.

Imagine that it would have limited proximity, the benefits would be inconsistent because it could overlap with villagers outside of the target area or pull in more vills that can fit in the tower… It doesn’t make any sense to get into that habit.

Some people just like to play, not play to an statistic base algorithm like a robot. What’s the point if you know your going to win but getting everything down to a pre-determined set of parameters.

Anyway thanks for you opinion, not everyone needs to agree. Good of you to post publicly instead of sending a rude PM. :+1:

I dont have a problem with town bell on a tower (although like others I would encourage players to learn how to garrison individualy). But auto garrison would be a mistake. At some point players need to develop skill to improve in the game, that’s what sets apart different ELO.

If your argument is for casual single players, they can also just change the level of the ai they play to take off the pressure.

How did I even read over that, the most ridiculous part. Lol

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Shift+Bell could work to ring a single bell. It’ll be the same as selecting all vils and garrisoning them.

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To quote/paraphrase a common sentiment for virtually any proposed change: “Please don’t change how the game was played for decades”. (Hehe, don’t worry, I got this phrase used on me when I tried to be so bold as to suggest sheep should no longer be able to help you explore the map.)

I’m okay with hiding in towers being a one-off thing to master/figure out/do, actually. Helps nicely separate the experienced and alert players from the not-so-experienced and alert. So I wouldn’t want this idea implemented.

Villagers who automatically save themselves from harm to that extent is not in the spirit of AoE, imo. If we’re not alert or micro-ing enough to save them, that should be our loss, imo. Plus, I wouldn’t want a dev-coded algorithm trying to predict and then dictating when I’d want my villagers to jump in the tower, and when the devs feel my villagers are safe to auto-eject from the tower. Those are my/our decisions to make; not the devs. And by doing this, you’re leveling the AoE playing field even more… where less advanced players are ratcheted up a notch closer to more advanced players without doing anything.

Your first idea make sense on the surface, but I’m okay with towers requiring more effort than the TC.

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You can get better at singleplayer too you know.

The clear assumption is that I’m not already, you’re allowed to be good at something but have an alternative idea at the same time. Shocking revelation for these forums I know!

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Then you’re suggesting something that will just accentuate some bad habits others have.

It’s not an assumption based on what you have revealed.

I like hearing different ideas, and I definitely don’t think people should jump down your throat or question your playing ability based on ideas haha. But that said we want to find a good balance between making the game accessible, while also still having a lot of areas where players can grow and set themselves apart.

I think your first idea (town bell on a tower) is a fine quality of life feature that would make the game more immediately accessible to new players.

I think the second idea of auto garisoning begins to level the playing field a bit to much, and takes the emphasis off of player skill.


Usually, it is better to manually select and garrison into towers/TC/castles/houses.

It is a bit of pain to learn at first, and I still miss-click and forgot a lot of times, but in the long run it’s the best thing.

Also, the town bell already give the order to the vills to garrison to the nearest building (TC, towers, castles, houses), so if this bell should have a really short range, otherwise it would have the same downside of the TC bell.

It would mean that you could paralyze the eco of players using such an option for free by just dancing with your scout in and out of the tower’s LoS, it would be kind of ridiculous.

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