Town Center fire could be a unique type of damage that ignores armor (like letis) against everyone except sieges, villagers and buildings

  1. To balance this, there could be a capped max arrows that the town center could fire (if garrisoned with archers and such).

My suggestion is to make TC’s damage like Letis damage so they ignore every armor except those of a siege which will have a hidden bonus armor against TC, carefully not making letis damage the same type or letis will do nothing to rams. The damage they should do against siege is the same as they deal currently (or a little bit less) so the hidden bonus armor of the siege will be the same pierce armor they have currently. They will also not ignore the buildings armor if the civ got armor for buildings in university.

This is for preventing flooding of units to destroy a tc which will still be possibile late game but quite difficult in early ages and also making a town center a powerful building.

  1. Or my other suggestion is that the more villagers are garrisoned inside the TC, the tankier the buildings becomes but this will be more unbalanced.

I don’t know why it links to the mongols nerf thread.

Why? Town centers are fine as is. They aren’t intended to be something for killing opponents units. They are intended to hold unit you can rally. An undefended town center should be able to be killed by your enemy


It is for defense in fact. It prevents that critical mass of x fast units resistant to pierce armor are under your town center and kill it without many problem. What is the point of garrisoning in town center? Protection for a brief time (1-2 minutes) where you won’t have the time to reorganize or call back your army?

And yet it isn’t needed. If you overextend and can’t defend your town center you deserve to lose it.

This type of change heavily favors boom civs who don’t need anymore help simply because they continue to boom even harder and use town centers for defense. Those British and Mongols you don’t like? Now have free reign to boom to exactly what you rail against in other threads because they don’t have to fear enemy attack.


You realise this makes strats like tarkans rushing, or huskarls and paladin useless? Siege isn’t the building answer always


and it completely negates pretty much what makes champskarls and goths decent to begin with.

he’s literally removing offensive options and making booming the way to go with this idea, which heavily benefits civs that are already extremely strong in the game.
can you imagine how strong mongols, brits, persians, indians, mayans etc would be if they could safely boom to imp with MINIMAL investment into military?


That is true but mangonels will still fare well against TCs so you can’t just sit and watch your tc dying. We are talking about fast units that have high pierce armor so it is not like it is my fault a tc got raided and my slow composition army wasn’t there.

I’m just buffing the TC, not all the buildings.

They will still be good against buildings, just not against TC which will require siege investment. To balance i proposed also a nerf to max numbers of arrows.

magonel do laughable damage to begin with, and i can make a few cheap light cavs to kill them when i need to. meanwhile the rest of resources are spent on booming faster and more safely to imperial age.
people talk about fast castle strats now. after this change? they would talk about fast imp strategies.

and yet that’s kind of the point of those units. to be anti arrow fire units. which includes town centers.

Doesn’t change what I said, it’s not always possible to attack TCs with siege, the TC does it’s job right now, keeping your vills safe against raids


exactly. it isn’t intended to be an anchor. more like a way to temporarily keep your villagers safe while you rally a defense. if it was intended to be an anchor it would get more range with upgrades, like castles and towers do. can you imagine lithuanian town centers (they get extra range through UT) or persian TCs (extra health) with this change? holy crap. persian douche strats would be even stronger.

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I wish I was strong enough to resist getting involved in such threads, but I coincidentally just came back from 2 games where I did a lot of Tarkan raiding, and trust me, when you broke your as.s to get a Castle, Marauders and the elite upgrade, then manage to outrun the enemy’s Arambai deathball all for the sake of coming back from losin map control, you would really have been unhappy with your investment in a 4 pierce armour unit getting punished because according to someone TCs (a dark age building) shoudn’t lose to imp units for some reason.


not just imp units, but any unit that is designed to raid. and it goes beyond that.
can you imagine how strong a persian douche would be with this?
or lithuanian town centers?
or how strong boom civs would become?
the implications are huge. all for a change that exists solely for change.


I dont read any reason why the current balance is off and needs to change. I also dont think the balance for TC is off. Early game your TC give you much protection. In the late game it give much less protection. FOr me this is how it must be. So i have seen no reason why we need to buff town centers at all.


150 damage with a single unit is not a laughable damage. And again, you just don’t send the mangonel and hope for the best. You usually have units defending it.

and my suggestion is to remove it

When is the situation that you can permit a mass of units but can’t permit some sieges? Tc doesn’t keep your vills safe. It keeps 15 villagers safe for some time.

it is a castle age building but yes, there are civs that spend as much as tarkans and don’t get the benefit of almost shotting town centers

normal as i wrote buildings aren’t affected by it?

sure, like normal as they can’t reach bombards or treuchets and that tech is avialable only in imperial age

there is a maximun number of town center you can relatively afford before getting behind in eco and military because you spend almost 300 wood and 100 stone.

35 bonus+base 40 attack= 75 damage, A TC has 2400HP, such kind of pressure is only viable if you’re much ahead of your opponent or if the opponent went for a greedy no miltary approach

and you haven’t made a decent argument as to why this is necessary?

mobility and logistics? moving and defending your siege isn’t always an option. And like I’ve said before in your previous topics, learn how to design your base. I can’t take you seriously if you say stuff like ‘only 15 villagers’. Go and play and learn the game instead of watching pro games and reading into tech trees and deciding for them. The pros have their connections with devs, they can influence balance suggestions.

almost like there’s some sense of variety and strategy in different civs and some units, how unfair


If you want to turtle make a map/mod for turtling. I love turtling myself, but not everyone wants OP defenses.

and yet if I was going it in a feudal start or above it would have an advantage against any units the enemy use to try to defend with would it not?

And yet I now have a huge advantage against raiding units.

And yet not because your change means I don’t have to worry about attacks from enemies so I can boom harder and more safely.


As it should be? Why is that you say it is to protect vills from raiding but apparently not so from raiding units?

Again, yes you would still need to be worried about siege.

Now that you have seen better aoe2, you know it is not the case.

The entire thread is me providing arguments

Then don’t use siege if you can’t defend it, not so hard. What do you mean by ‘learn to design your base’? Sure i can aproximately position buildings with a certain pattern that will help me defend but there is a maximum denfese i can do against the units i am talking about.

Fallacy argument. I never denied this. I am just countering his point about tarkans costing very much

You are right. I should created a mod that applies my balances and check it out. But for example in this context, i can’t make a new type of attack. I can use leitis attack that ignores armor but leitis will do no damage to sieges, 11.