Town Center is selected every 10 seconds

Every 10 seconds the game will select the Town Center. Frustrating. Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Make sure you include enough information on the issue. As a developer once said to me, “try to take notes before reporting a bug”.
  2. Video recordings are always nice to have, for better understanding of the issue. You can use OBS to achieve this.
  3. Might want to change this topic’s location. Currently is in the “Ask for Help” forum, but it should be in the “Bug Reports” one.

Are you sure you’re NOT pressing the Town Center hotkey?

I can sit back and watch the game. Town center is selected. Ok I will select a villager and sit back. 10 seconds later Town Center is selected. Ok select nothing and sit back. 10 seconds later Town Center selected. I just reintstalled the game and it still happens

Is there somewhere else I can seek an answer to this issue?

Can you delete the hotkey?

I changed the hotkey and back again. It works


I had a similar issue, but only when I used certain key. Specifically, the dot (.) for selecting the next idle villager would open the chat box. Would be fixed by restoring the hotkeys to the default values (even though I was NOT using custom ones)

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Maybe you have a program in background that simulate the push that hotkey all 10 seconds?

Could be that. Or malware. Either way, this is with no doubt a RARE issue.