Town Center Monument not Displaying Correctly

When I played a game with my friends, everyone’s town center monument didn’t display properly. Instead, when looking at a person’s profile in-game, everyone saw that the monument that that player had selected was the same as the one I had selected.

For example, I have HRE men-at-arms, and I see it as the monument under everyone’s player profile. My friend has the wolf monument, and likewise this is what shows up for him as everyone else’s monument.

I am not sure if the problem carries over in-game, but it does occur in lobbies.

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I just checked to see if it applies during the match and apparently it does show your statue instead of theirs when looking at their profile. However when the match starts, everyone can see their individually chosen statues at their first town center so it doesn’t affect the display during the match but rather just the profile display of the statue.

Thank you @m3saD4RTHjarjar! This is something the team is aware of and looking into. Appreciate the report!