Town Centers after the nerf

I think that the TC’s are still a problem even after the nerf. Since it is incredibly easy to defend it is nearly impossible to put pressure on your opponent if you don’t go 2 or more TC’s yourself.

I would suggest to decrease the range by 1 or 2 tiles, because sometimes the range feels just too high.
As far as I know, repairing the TC costs only wood. Adding stone to the repair cost would make it harder to defend. I’m not really a fan of this, but an option would be increasing the build cost even more (maybe to 400 stone).

What do you guys think about this? Would these changes be an overnerf or is the current state of the TC not that strong?


if it was one of my ideas and that the TC takes more damage while building. What I like about double Tc is that it speeds up the game, making it unworkable is not my goal


Yes range is too high and can be reduced 1-2 tiles making you harder to defend your woodline or gold without actual military.

this isnt entirely true

we know from aoe2, that if someone goes multi TC, for a better eco, the game is slower. because you have more eco fighting, meaning any damage done to that player, means less impact, the same applies to games like supcom with its exponentially building ecos into massive armies

here’s an EZ example, with exaggeration for effect. play a game starting with infinite resources, does it mean the game is over instantly?

what actually makes a game fast? a stronger military vs building dynamic, because it means you HAVE to make military to contest pressure, and if you lose a fight, the opposing military crushes bases faster

Reducing the range of TC is massive buff to english early aggression. So no thanks unless Longbow range is reduced

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