Town Centers sometimes don't finish building

Game Version: 2.8.5288199


Town Centers are blocked from finishing despite reaching 100% construction status. At this point, they have to be deleted for the player to be able to build them.
Clip 1 - Clip 2
Note that selection and hover will indicate different HP completion status - this is likely where the issue comes from.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Construct a town center as normal, with several workers
  2. Removing and adding villagers/norse infantry to the settlement under construction seems to increase the likelyhood of this happening.
  3. The deathmatch mode seems to more commonly have this. It may have to do with the build rate modifiers.

This has occurred 3 times in one series in a tournament semifinals today. Can’t make this stuff up…

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This happens to either me or my opponent at least once every 3 games. It definitely dictates games and makes you not want to play in the future. A fix is needed asap, unplayable games are not fun.

I’ve seen it happen as well often while playing Deathmatch. it’s a gamebreaking bug that needs fixing asap.

Also happens to me from time to time. plis fix