Towncenter repair cost

for every other building it cost half of a building resource cost to fully repair it Town center are an exception they cost 550W and 0 stone. I heard that the reason it cost 4x the wood is that in the games code it counts as 4 different buildings I am unsure why it cost 0 stone my theory is that since TC’s only cost wood in Aok and when the devs added stone cost in AOC and forgot to adjust the stone price. Whether this is a bug or feature the DE devs see content to keep it as is since they patched a bug that stop you from repairing if you had 0 stone. My question is what does this having TC repair so expensive added to the game?

I’m pretty sure that’s for balance reasons.
They don’t want them to cost Stone to repair but also don’t want them to be too cheap to repair.
Not sure why it’s that much Wood though.


Stone is treated as the rarest resource in AOE2, by removing the stone cost to repair TC, they don’t make it too easy to take them out given the rarity of stone. This was offset by the increased cost in Wood.

What concerns me is that repair a building cost half… Why? Repairing is already strong…

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The problem is that you don’t really need repair prior to castle age outside of a Persian douche or Cuman ram pushes.

Yes but 413W for 50S. And I would argue that food is more valuable than stone prior to imperial age.

Repairing is slower than building

Just building a new building is also already strong.
It’s usually the stronger option

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Yeah it takes 4 minutes to fully repair a fortified wall